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Dropping or Adding a Course

Drops/Adds are allowed during specified times listed in the Class Schedule and SPCC catalog each semester. Please see your advisor or one of the academic counselors to drop or add a course. Drop/Add forms must be submitted to Student Records upon completion. Additional tuition charges or refunds may be due - contact the Business Office for more details. Drop requests received after the final date to drop will be treated as a request for withdrawal.

Withdrawing a Course

Students who wish to withdraw from a course must submit a Withdrawal form to the Records office during the specified times listed in the Class Schedule and SPCC Catalog. A grade of "W" will be assigned. Students who quit attending class without submission of an official Withdrawal form will receive a grade of "F." There is no refund for students who withdraw from class. Students who wish to withdraw after the official withdrawal deadline must fill out an Administrative Withdrawal Request form and submit it to the Vice President of Student Services for consideration.

Students who receive financial aid are advised to contact the Financial Aid department before withdrawing from multiple classes because of satisfactory academic progress requirements.