In August 2007, South Piedmont received its first $30,000 grant from the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) for the program. Students and staff named the group IMPACT. In this first year, eight students participated.

The college has taken great strides to make the Minority Male Mentoring program a part of the college culture. In 2011 the College developed an advisory board for the program consisting of administrators, faculty and staff. In Fall 2012 the College chartered a multicultural club that is open to all students to celebrate diversity. This club installation is a result of 3MP success. Most recently, the college celebrated the achievements of one 3MP graduate by selecting him as both the college’s 2013 student speaker for commencement and the college’s Dallas Herring Award nominee.

In the 2012-2013 academic year, 27 students participated in IMPACT. Over the six years of the program, 80 males have participated. Of those 80 students, 15 have graduated with a certificate, diploma, and/or degree by the Spring of 2013. The program has a six-year average success rate of 55% in aiding student in persisting to the next academic year or reaching graduation. In comparison, the college’s overall student population has an average persistence rate of 43% (Fall 2012 Institutional Data).