Institutional Review Board Members

Carl Bishop
IRB Chair and Member for Humanities, Liberal Arts, and Social and Behavioral Sciences
Dean, School of Arts & Sciences
Jill Millard
IRB Member for Health and Natural Sciences
Assistant Vice President, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
Makena Stewart
IRB Member for Student Services
Dean, Student Development
Anjella Tabor-Smith
IRB Member for Humanities, Liberal Arts, and Fine Arts
Faculty, Spanish
Marci Jackson
IRB Member for Institutional Effectiveness and Mathematics
Coordinator, Institutional Data
Gabe Hollingsworth
External IRB Member
Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Wingate University
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South Piedmont Community College Members and Faculty involved in Research

The IRB is composed of a minimum of five voting members. Alternate and non-voting members may be appointed, with alternates authorized to vote at convened meetings only in the absence of the member for whom they are designated to alternate. A faculty member from a non-science area must vote on all IRB applications.

No person shall be excluded from serving on the IRB. SPCC will assure diversity of representation on the IRB, including race, gender, cultural background, and academic discipline. In the instance of subjects with diminished autonomy, the IRB for that particular application may include someone with the knowledge of or experience with that population.

The IRB reserves the right to exclude a member from participation in the initial or continuing review of any project in which the member has a conflicting interest.

The IRB will include members from the following fields:

  1. The Director of Institutional Research and Analysis
  2. A representative from Student Success
  3. A faculty member from a science area (i.e. biology, chemistry, psychology)
  4. A faculty member from a non-science area (i.e. history, English, philosophy)
  5. A member who is not otherwise affiliated with SPCC, or its foundation, and who is not part of the immediate family of a personal who is affiliated with the college

More voting members may be appointed as deemed necessary by the President of the College or the Chief Academic Officer. The Assistant Vice President of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness will serve as the chair of SPCC’s IRB.

The SPCC faculty member heading the study will be known as the Principle Investigator, or PI. A student may be named an associate PI, but must have a faculty member as their PI on the study. The ultimate safety and welfare of subjects rests with the PI. The PI must design studies that are scientifically sound and that will yield valid results. They must also be appropriately qualified to conduct the research. PI’s must ensure that research is conducted responsibly and that all research personnel are adequately trained and supervised during research.

It is the responsibility of the PI to disclose to the IRB any potential conflict of interest. If granted approval to conduct their research, he/she must execute the study according to the protocol stated by the IRB. Any new information, modifications, or adverse events must be reported to the IRB immediately.

PIs must ensure completion of the IRB process, which includes receipt of all necessary documents and obtaining an IRB approval certificate. Research is initiated when researchers begin recruiting or contacting participants, and is not permissible with an IRB approval letter.