ePortfolio Workshops

General Workshops

Want to learn more about the ePortfolio? Each semester, SPCC holds two general, introductory workshops designed to help students start their ePortfolios. Any SPCC student may register for the workshops. One workshop is held toward the beginning of each semester, while the second workshop is held approximately 2/3 of the way through each semester. Additional introductory workshops will be scheduled as requested.

To complement the two regularly scheduled workshops each semester, additional workshops will be scheduled based on interest and requests, including workshops that focus on each page of the ePortfolio.

Each workshop is provided on campus in both Monroe and Polkton as well as online. The online workshops utilize Blackboard Collaborate, an online collaboration platform that allows students and the facilitator to be in the same virtual space. The facilitator uses a webcam to address the participants and has the capability to share his or her computer screen with participants.

Workshops topics and dates are provided on this page at the beginning of each semester. Registration for the workshops is required, and participants may enroll until one week before each workshop. Participants will receive confirmation once they have registered, and online participants will receive instructions for how to access the virtual session in Blackboard Collaborate.

Topics for the introductory workshops may include:

  • General overview of SPCC ePortfolio
  • Timeline for completion
  • Setting SMART (specific, measureable, attainable, relevant, time-based) goals
  • Understanding your learning style and documenting your learning in your ePortfolio
  • Making connections between your curricular (coursework) and co-curricular (other educational experiences) activities
  • Best practices for adapting your ePortfolio content to your potential audiences
  • How to choose “showcase artifacts” for your ePortfolio that highlight your best work
  • Best practices for promoting or marketing yourself in your ePortfolio
  • How to make the best out of your ePortfolio as both a learning tool and a marketing tool
  • How to create an ePortfolio using Wix

Additional Workshops:

  • Welcome/Introduction Pages
  • Goals Page
  • General Education Core Skills Page
  • Program Education Page (for AA,AS, and AFA)
  • Additional Experiences Page
  • Resumé Page

Program-Specific Workshops

In addition to the general and page specific workshops held each semester, workshops designed for students in a particular major are held occasionally. While the majority of the ePortfolio has consistent expectations regardless of a student’s major, each major or program of study may have specialized requirements in the “Program Outcomes” section. Therefore, the purpose of the program-specific workshops is to provide students with information about the specific ePortfolio requirements for their majors.

The program-specific workshops are scheduled in coordination with the faculty, staff, and administration in each program area or major. When program-specific workshops are scheduled, students enrolled in the particular program will receive notification from the workshop facilitator and/or the coordinator of the program.

Requesting Workshop Topics

If you would like to request workshop topics in addition to the general workshop topics listed above, please email your suggestion to eportfolio@spcc.edu. We will do our best to accommodate requests for workshop topics when possible.

Workshop Schedule and Registration Process

Register for workshops by using this form or by logging into Starfish and locating ePortfolio tutors in the Student Services area. For more information, email eportfolio@spcc.edu.

  • Workshop #1 “Pick a Page” ePortfolio Workshop: Wednesday, June 17th OCH - 1:00-2:00 pm, Ashley E. Academic Support Center, Building A, Room 155
  • Workshop #2 “Pick a Page ePortfolio Workshop: Wednesday, July 8th OCH - 1:00-2:00 pm, Bldg. A, Room 310

For more information on workshops, contact:

Tammy Frailly
Director of Academic Enrichment Programs
School of Arts and Sciences