General Education

In the General Education section of the ePortfolio, you’ll include showcase artifacts for each General Education Core Skill and a reflection to accompany each artifact. The purpose of this section is to provide your best work related to each General Education Core Skill. In this section, somehow incorporate the following for each Core Skill:

PART I — To be completed early in your first semester.

  • A brief explanation of the General Education Core Skill. See the “General Education and Core Skills” page.
  • Consider perceptions of your strengths and weaknesses in each of the Core Skills.
  • Set two SMART goals for yourself for each Core Skill. See the goals section of the “ePortfolio Components” or “Building the ePortfolio” pages of the website. What will you need to accomplish your goals, and how will you know when you have done so?

PART II — To be completed after taking classes in General Education, before completing your ePortfolio.

  • Write a paragraph about why you think each Core Skill is important to your personal, academic, and professional life.
  • Write two paragraphs about how the Core Skills complement or are related to each other.
  • A list of classes you took that contributed to your skill development for the General Education Core Skill area.
  • An overview of the assignment that led to your showcase artifact for the General Education Core Skill. In what class did you complete the assignment? What were the general instructions?
  • The link to the showcase artifact for the General Education Core Skill
  • A minimum of three paragraphs of reflection about your showcase artifact. The reflection may be based on instructions given in class by an instructor, or the reflection may be based on one of the approaches outlined in the “Writing Resources—Reflective Writing” page of the ePortfolio website.
  • A brief explanation of whether you met the two goals you set for this General Education Core Skill.

Remember to be creative in your approach. Also, pay particular attention to the reflective writing. It is probably the most important part of this section.