Personal Introduction

Your personal introduction page should provide insights into who you are as an individual, as a student, and as a future professional. Simply introduce yourself, keeping the purpose of your ePortfolio in mind. You are giving viewers a glimpse of who you are in light of your future educational plans and career goals. At minimum, your personal introduction should include the following:

  • A balance of text, images, video, etc. Again, you are not required to include a photo of yourself, and remember the rules for using photos of others or those that belong to others. Images, photos, videos, etc. should reflect your purpose.
  • A statement of your background. Tell a little about your history. In particular, include events in your life that helped to define who you are today and/or how you see the world today.
  • What are your interests? Feel free to include personal and academic interests. Share any information that you feel helps your audience understand who you are, how you approach your academic life, etc.
  • Provide an academic profile. What is your academic background? What schools did you attend prior to SPCC? What are/were your academic strengths and challenges? What is your major?
  • Determine your learning style. To learn about learning styles, go to From there, click on the “students” tab, followed by the “self-assessments” tab. Then, click on “What’s your learning style.” Answer the 20 questions to determine your learning style. Is your learning style what you expected? Why or why not? How will your learning style influence the types and formats of classes you choose to take at SPCC?

You should include as much personal information as you feel comfortable; however, remember the overall purpose of the ePortfolio. Further, while honest reflection on academic and personal challenges is important and expected, remember that you are showcasing yourself in your ePortfolio. Therefore, frame personal and academic challenges in terms of opportunities, lessons learned, etc.

Think about creative ways to introduce yourself. One way to introduce yourself is by explaining the metaphor that you used to describe yourself as a learner on the welcome page. It could help you connect the required elements on this page such as your background, interests, academic profile, and learning style. Or, consider a video introduction. You might also consider commonly known characters who could be metaphors for who you are. For example, one student once introduced himself by comparing himself to his favorite cartoon character—the Roadrunner. You might consider something similar—is there a cartoon character or a well-known TV or book character who can serve as a metaphor for you? Are there lines to a song, lyrics to a poem, short stories, etc. that indicate who you are? The point: while you must provide a personal introduction, you do not have to follow any pre-determined format or a biographical summary to do so. Be creative and think as far “outside the box” as you feel comfortable and as makes sense to do so.