Welcome Page

The welcome page should be inviting and grasp the attention of visitors to your ePortfolio. At minimum, your welcome page should include the following:

  • Some technique to spark interest in your ePortfolio. Since the welcome page is the first thing viewers will see, it should be both inviting and intriguing. Think about creative ways to catch a viewer’s attention—using both text and design elements. For example, the use of a short quotation that signifies something about you and is relevant to your ePortfolio might work. Otherwise, you might experiment with images, sound, layout, etc.
  • A balance of text and images. You are not required to include a photo of yourself, but you are certainly welcome to do so. While you should include images, remember that you may not include images of others (unless they are public figures) without their permission. Further, any image that is the intellectual property of someone else or an organization must be appropriately cited.
  • A statement that welcomes people to your site. Consider who your primary audience members are: instructors, advisors, potential employers, scholarship committees, etc. Your welcoming statement should provide incentive for your audience to want to explore your website.
  • A statement of purpose for your ePortfolio—what is the point of your website?
  • A statement that previews what is to be found on your website.