Welcome Page

The purpose of the welcome page is to capture the attention of your visitors by offering them a brief, yet unique glimpse of you and the contents of your ePortfolio. The minimum requirements for the welcome page are:

  • A purposeful, attention grabbing technique using text and images that will interest visitors in your ePortfolio. One option is the use of a metaphor to help describe your learning experience. A metaphor is defined as a word or phrase used to represent something that is similar. What idea or concept could represent your journey as a learner? Do you feel like a lump of clay that has been sculpted into a work of art? Do you see yourself as a student pilot who has learned to fly a plane? This metaphor can be used to select an image or images to accompany your text. Another technique is to select a quotation that relates to you and your experiences as a learner. This quotation could also reflect the metaphor that you have selected to represent your learning journey. Using a metaphor, a quotation, or other options can help you create a theme for your ePortfolio. To engage your visitors, feel free to experiment using a combination of images, text, sound, layout, etc.
  • A balance of text and images. A photo of yourself is not required, but you may include one if you like. Images should be included, but you may not include images of others (unless they are public figures) without their permission. Further, any image that is the intellectual property of someone else or an organization must be appropriately cited. Select images that are relevant to your purpose that demonstrate your learning while at SPCC.
  • A welcome statement that encourages viewers to explore your website. Instructors, advisors, potential employers, and scholarship committees will be your primary audience and should be considered.
  • A statement that relays the main purpose of your ePortfolio—what is the point of your website? This sentence provides much needed direction for the ePortfolio. Are you demonstrating your learning so that you can transfer to a university to major in elementary education? Are you demonstrating your learning to find employment as a Medical Sonographer?
  • A statement that previews what is to be found on your website.