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Timeframe for Completing the ePortfolio

Learners will start building an ePortfolio in CIS 110 or on their own during their first semester at SPCC. If you cannot take CIS 110 your first semester, workshops, assistance in the Academic Support Center on the LLP or Monroe campuses is available, or you can follow the directions for getting started on SPCC's Active Campus Portal on the ePortfolio page.
Learners will complete the process during the last semester prior to graduation and the semester of graduation.

Beginning the ePortfolio

Goal Action Timeframe
Get Information Register for CIS 110, if possible, according to your program of study First semester of classes
Visit the ePortfolio page on the SPCC Active Campus Portal, watch the introductory video in the file "Building the ePortfolio," and review the other materials found there.
Register for and attend free ePortfolio workshops in Starfish or email eportfolio@spcc.edu. For a workshop schedule, go to the ePortfolio page in SPCC's Active Campus Portal. Also, check your email for workshop announcements.
Choose a Platform You may choose any web design platform that will lead to a web-based ePortfolio. SPCC provides support for Wix. You may not use social networking programs such as Myspace, Facebook, etc. First semester of classes—In CIS 110 class

Construction of the ePortfolio
Page on e-Portfolio Content for e-Portfolio Pages Timeframe for Completion
Welcome visitors to your ePortfolio and provide an overview. CIS 110/first semester
Personal Introduction Introduce yourself. What are your background and interests? Share any general information of your choosing. Provide your academic profile. CIS 110/first semester
Goals What do you want to get out of your experiences at SPCC? What skills or knowledge do you want to acquire? How do you want to grow as a person? CIS 110/first semester
What are your short-term goals?
What are your long-term goals?
General Education
List the six Core Skill areas of General Education with their outcome statements.

Consider perceptions of your strengths and weaknesses for each of the Core Skills.

Set two SMART goals for yourself in each of the Core Skill areas.

CIS 110/first semester
List the classes you took that contributed to your knowledge and skills.

Write a paragraph about why you think each Core Skill is important to your personal, academic, and professional life.

Write two paragraphs about how the Core Skills complement or are related to each other.

General Education Courses—Work on while completing general education courses (before taking ACA 122 for Associate in Arts,Associate in Science, and Associate in Fine Arts students).
For each core skill, include a showcase artifact from your general education courses.  
For each showcase artifact from your general education courses, provide a reflection (see guidelines for reflections). General Education Courses—Work on while completing general education courses (before taking ACA 122 for Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, and Associate in Fine Arts students)
Revisit your goals for each core skill. How and why did you/did you not meet them? General Education Courses—Work on while completing general education (Associate in Arts,Associate in Science,and Associate in Fine Arts students should finish them before ACA 122.)
Program Education For each program outcome, provide a brief explanation and list the classes you took that contributed to your knowledge and skills. Program Specific—Not required for all programs. See the “Understanding SPCC Programs of Study and Program Outcomes” page on the ePortfolio page of the SPCC Active Campus Portal..
Additional Educational Experiences Explain any additional educational experiences, including:
--First Year Experience
--Global Scholars of Distinction
--SP Cares Volunteer of Distinction
--Co-curricular activities
--Community-based activities
Resume Create and post a professional resume. Prior to Graduation


Completing the ePortfolio
Goal Action  
  Add all content---artifacts, reflections, videos, images, etc. to your ePortfolio. Complete all reflections. The semester before you graduate.
Get feedback on your ePortfolio Schedule a time to visit one of the Academic Support Centers (ASC) to have someone review and critique your ePortfolio. Early during the semester before you graduate. 
Submit your ePortfolio Submit your ePortfolio link to the Director of Academic Enrichment Programs using the ePortfolio submission area of  the ePortfolio page on SPCC's Active Campus Portal. One month prior to submitting your application for graduation. For May 2016 graduates, the deadline is February 1, 2016.