Technical and Content Support

Concerning Technical Support

SPCC is committed to your e-Portfolio success. Students may find immediate technical support for their e-Portfolio directly with Wix.

Wix also provides many helpful step by step informational video tutorials to help students address any difficulties they may come across.

Concerning Content Support

Students may find content advice from their course instructor or faculty advisor. SPCC instructors/faculty advisors are able to give invaluable input concerning which artifacts might be best for submission to the student’s ePortfolio to demonstrate a student’s best reflections as well as academic and personal accomplishments.

Alternatively, students may contact the SPCC Academic Support Center (ASC) for one-on-one help from ePortfolio assistants or the Director of Academic Enrichment Programs pertaining to ePortfolio components and content, style, reflective writing, resume writing, artifact selection, etc. To make an appointment online using Starfish, select ePortfolio Assistance in the Student Services area and the appropriate campus or call 704-290-5239 (OCH) or 704-272-5440 (LLP) during operating hours and speak to an Academic Support Center staff member for assistance. Students may also email the ePortfolio program at