ePortfolio Awards

To recognize exemplary ePortfolios, SPCC offers competitive “ePortfolio of Excellence” awards to the top ePortfolios each year.

Characteristics of ePortfolios of Excellence

The characteristics of ideal ePortfolios are provided on the Rubric. Generally, ePortfolios of excellence have the following traits:

  • They are complete, containing all of the necessary components. Further, the content is purposeful, meaningful and thoughtful, and it goes beyond the minimum expectations set forth in the requirements.
  • They are aesthetically pleasing, meaning they are well-designed and pleasing in appearance. The best ePortfolios demonstrate high levels of originality and creativity of design, going beyond the basic framework provided by the Wix templates. The use of color is effective, the font size and choice is appropriate, and multimedia are effectively integrated.
  • They contain various types of media, in addition to text. This means they contain images, videos, audio, and other messages that add interest and texture to the ePortfolio.
  • They are well-written, using descriptive and vivid language that is free from grammatical and stylistic errors. The writing is deliberate and thoughtful, using evidence from artifacts and examples as appropriate to illustrate points.
  • They are coherent, meaning, as a whole, the ePortfolios are well put together. The components will be logically connected and consistent. For example, the writing will reflect the extent to which the core skill and program outcome (if required) goals are met, making claims based on evidence provided in the artifacts used to demonstrate the skills. Generally, this means the ePortfolio is well-organized, thorough and thoughtful, and written in a consistent “voice.”
  • As a whole, they “paint” vibrant pictures of who you are and how you have developed as a person, an academic, and a future professional during your time at SPCC.

Selection of ePortfolio of Excellence Awards

There are two steps to the selection of ePortfolios of Excellence:

  • Every year, the Director of Academic Enrichment Programs will select the top 10 ePortfolios of Excellence when she reviews them for certification for graduation. The director will use the ePortfolio Rubric and the general criteria above to make his or her selections.
  • A team of faculty, staff, and administration representing the various areas of study at SPCC will determine the top 4 ePortfolios of Excellence from the top 10 ePortfolios selected by the director. The selection team will rely on the rubric and the general criteria above to determine the award recipients.

Awards for ePortfolios of Excellence

There are several components to the awards for ePortfolios of Excellence:

  • The top 10 ePortfolio of Excellence award winners will receive graduation honor cords to wear at their commencement ceremony.
  • The top 10 ePortfolio of Excellence award winners will receive award icons to place in their ePortfolios indicating the receipt of the award.
  • The top 4 ePortfolio of Excellence winners will receive the following monetary awards:
    • $500.00 for the top award
    • $400.00 for the second place award
    • $300.00 for the third place award
    • $200.00 for the fourth place award
  • The top 4 ePortfolio of Excellence award winners will present their ePortfolios at a luncheon ceremony toward the end of each academic year. The ceremony is open to all college members, and each award recipient may bring two guests. Presentation of the ePortfolio at the awards ceremony is a requirement to receive one of the top 4 awards.