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ePortfolio Components

Although the SP ePortfolio has several required components, you maintain significant creative freedom to design your ePortfolio. You may choose all the design elements for your ePortfolio and the extent to which you personalize your ePortfolio. However, SPCC does require students to follow a common organizational scheme to provide clear instructions for building the ePortfolio and to ensure that students understand the minimum requirements for each page. It will also help SPCC staff and faculty (class instructors, ePortfolio assistants in the Academic Support Center, faculty advisors, and the Director of Academic Enrichment Programs) to easily navigate the ePortfolios and provide efficient assistance to students.

While your portfolio must include the identified pages/content, feel free to re-name the pages something more creative, if you so desire. The important thing is that the pages and content are present. Again, beyond that, you are free to design the ePortfolio as you wish. In fact, personalization is highly encouraged. Feel free to express yourself!

ePortfolio Common Organizational Scheme

  • A welcome page
  • A personal introduction
  • Goals - An explanation of short-term and long-term learning goals
  • General Education - A collection of “showcase artifacts” and reflections to highlight mastery of SPCC’s General Education Core Skills
  • Program Education - A collection of “showcase artifacts” and reflections to highlight mastery of a student’s major or program outcomes (not required by all programs)
  • A page that highlights a student’s additional educational experiences
  • A resume

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