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Early College Admissions

The Anson County Early College is housed at the L.L. Polk Campus of SPCC. The Union County Early College is housed at the Old Charlotte Highway Campus of SPCC. They are designed for students who need strong support to be successful. We are proud to offer the following:

  • Strong teachers and advisors at both the high school and community college levels
  • Academic and personal support systems to help strengthen the student
  • A "blended curriculum" that combines coursework from both the high school and community college curricula
  • Inquiry-based, project-based learning that calls for students to use their interests and community resources to accomplish the goals of specific courses
  • Assessment that puts students in the spotlight, expecting written work, oral presentations, and project development that are presented before peers and community leaders
  • A five-year high school experience in a college setting that results in a high school diploma and associate degree (or two years of collegiate course credit)
  • Teaching and learning that emphasize individual effort, teamwork, career experiences, connections with the community, and maturity
  • An academically rigorous course of study that pushes each student to develop the skills necessary to be successful in college and careers

Coursework will be paid for by Anson County Schools, Union County Public Schools and South Piedmont Community College.

These are two of several schools considered to be part of former Gov. Mike Easley's "Learn and Earn" initiative. These schools are selected and supported by the New Schools Project, a state organization established to reform North Carolina high schools. The project is also supported by money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. ACEC and UCEC, like the other "Learn and Earn" high schools, are situated on college campuses and will remain small to foster strong relationships between faculty and students, students and students, and the school and the community.

Those interested in attending ACEC or UCEC should discuss their interests with parents and their school counselor. Applications are available from guidance offices at Anson and Union County middle and high schools, as well as from the central offices of each county.