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Search for classes using Webadvisor.Class search tips

Wonder which classes are held in Monroe? Polkton? Online? These tips will help you to find that information!

Curriculum Classes (college credit)
Read the search tips below. Seated and online classes for curriculum degrees, diplomas and certificates are listed in the Credit Classes Schedule.

Career Development/Continuing Education Classes
Read the search tips below. Seated and hybrid classes for workplace skills are listed on the Continuing Education Schedule. Online classes for workplace skills are provided in the Online Learning page.

Human Resource Development (HRD) Classes
Most HRD classes run two weeks or eight days. The classes are open throughout the year. The schedule for Anson County and Union County is updated regularly.

Basic Skills Classes
Seated classes are held at locations throughout Anson County and Union County and times vary throughout the morning, afternoon and evening. The schedule for GED and Adult High School can be downloaded.

Credit Classes schedule search tips

  1. Choose the Credit Classes Schedule link.
  2. Important: Choose the semester from the “Term” drop-down box.
  3. Next, choose your search criteria:
    1. To search for Monroe (OCH), Polkton (Polk), online courses (Web), or co-op (off-camp) courses, choose from the “Location” drop-down then click Submit.
    2. To search for classes using a word that might be in the course name, type the word in the “Course Title Keywords(s)” box then click Submit.
  4. If no classes appear: There are either no classes with that search term available, or you need to choose a Term.
  5. If classes appear: You can click on the class title to view details on the class. If you’d like to do search for a different class, click the OK button at the bottom of the class list, then choose “Search for Classes.”
  6. Have questions? If you’re a new student, call 704-272-5391 or email admissions@spcc.edu. If you’re a returning student, contact your advisor.

To find out what credit classes haven't started yet:

  1. Choose the Credit Classes Schedule link.
  2. Leave the Term blank
  3. In the Starting On/After date box, type today's date (or a date in the near future) Ex. 1/10/14
  4. In the Ending By date box, type the last day of the semester. Ex. 5/15/14
  5. Choose a Subject from the drop down (or leave it blank if you want a list of all classes that haven't started yet).
  6. Leave everything else blank and click Submit.

Continuing Education schedule search tips

  1. Choose the Continuing Education Schedule link.
  2. Decide how you would like to search:
    1. Leave all fields blank and click Submit to see a list of all classes.
    2. Type a search term into the “Search for (Key Word)” box (For example: motorcycle) then click Submit.
      1. If you need to do another search, click the “Cont. Ed. Menu” at the top, then click “Register and Pay for Continuing Education Classes” to begin a new search.
  3. Once the class list appears, you can click the class title to see details, or click the checkbox next to the class and click Submit to begin the registration process for that class.
  4. Have questions? Call 704-290-5100 or email SPCCConEdSupport@spcc.edu.