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Logging Into Moodle

Click here to access SPCC's Moodle site.

Course Start and Access/Census Dates

Course start dates can be found for students on your student schedule. Faculty members can obtain course start dates in Datatel, Web Advisor, or by contacting your Department Chair. Students will not be able to view your Moodle course prior to the start date.

Access/Census dates for each course will be published in the course by the instructor. Please note, all courses do not have the same access/census date, so be sure to obtain the correct date for each course.

The Start-Up Activity for each course must completed before midnight on of the access/census date provided by your instructor.

About Access Dates - Important!

Students must access their course for the first time and complete the listed Start-Up Activity before midnight on the access/census provided by your instructor. Students who do not access their courses and complete this activity will be dropped. This applies to courses with IN section numbers. Courses with B in their section numbers have to access/census their courses during the Access Dates and complete the listed Start-Up Activity or attend a seated class meeting. Check with your instructor to be sure.

Instructors do not wait until the last access/census date to begin the course. Course work and requirements begin at the start of the term. If a student misses assignments or assessments due to logging in on the last access date, instructors are not required nor are they encouraged to make special arrangements to make up learning activities missed.

Please refer to the academic calendar posted on the college website for other important dates.

How do I log in?

Logging in is easy...
First, go to http://go.spcc.edu.

Your username is the first initial of your first name, the first three letters of your last name, and the last four numbers of your student ID number. You can find your ID number on your registration form.

Students with last names containing anything other than letters (such as spaces, apostrophes, and/or hyphens) within the first three characters will have those special characters replaced by underscores(_). If you are a student affected by this, we will contact you as soon as the username change is made.

Your password is now the same as your password to the SPCC GO! (Portal) page. This will help you to not have to remember 2 passwords. New students are given the temporary password of Tempmmdd+ (mm is your birth month and dd is your birth day, and the final character is a plus sign)

Your classes will show up in GO! in the bottom center under "My Classes." Click the classes in GO! under My Classes to get to Moodle
When accessing “My Classes” for the first time, the student may be prompted to set credentials. If so, the Go! username and password must be entered.

If you get an error when clicking on courses in "My Classes," you can still access the courses in Moodle directly at http://online.spcc.edu (after you have verified that you can log into GO!)

Please visit this page if you have trouble logging in.