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Minority Male Mentoring Program

Welcome Back bulletin board graphic. Five IMPACT members (1 female, 4 males) at the 2014 North Carolina Minority Male Mentoring Conference. Posing for the camera are seven Contribute2 Something and Step Show participants and Serena Johnson of South Piedmont's IMPACT program.

The Minority Male Mentoring program (3MP) at South Piedmont is an integral component to the success of students wanting academic and socialization support. Mentors, counselors and graduates of the program guide students to set academic, career and personal goals.

The 3MP uses the club name IMPACT. College staff aim to increase referrals to support services, improve the retention rate and improve the graduation rate. For students, the goals are personal: experience a sense of belonging, develop confidence and earn a degree.

Serena Johnson, Program Coordinator and Counselor, has been involved with the program since its inception. "This program has provided accountability, support, and encouragement to all of the participants,” she said. “When participants meet their goals and walk across the stage during graduation it is an indescribable feeling for everyone."