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Academic Advising


Important Reminders


 April 2014

  • Meet with your advisor to develop/review your academic plan. Find your advisor here
  • Current student registration for Summer/Fall 2014 begins on April 15th
  • New student registration for Summer/Fall begins on April 23rd
  • Go to the GO! Labs - Learn how to search and register for classes

Old Charlotte Highway Campus, Building A

Monday, April 21st
2:00 p.m.- 3:30 p.m., Room 310
L.L. Polk Campus, Martin Technology Complex

Monday, April 21st
  2:00 p.m.- 3:30 p.m., Room 207
Visit the GO webpage here for more information

May 2014

  • Meet with your advisor to develop/review your academic plan
  • Current & new student registration continues

What is Academic Advising?

The mission of academic advising at SPCC is to educate and empower students to achieve academic and career success through intentional advising partnerships, meaningful learning opportunities, and purposeful self-discovery. Academic advising at SPCC values and supports student development, goal setting, and the advising relationship. The college is committed to improving advising services for students and has adopted a Quality Enhancement Plan (TRAC: Teaching Responsibility, Readiness, and Resourcefulness through Advising Connections) that will be implemented over the next five years.

There are six goals which govern all academic advising meetings for students:

  1. Promote student growth and development.
  2. Provide consistent information regarding institutional, generational education, and major requirements
  3. Discuss and clarify educational, career, and life goals.
  4. Connect students with educational, institutional, and community resources and services.
  5. Collect and distribute data about student needs and performance for use in institutional decisions and policy.
  6. Reinforce student self-direction and self-sufficiency.

All students have a full-time faculty member which serves as academic advisor helping them plan their academic programs and class schedules. As an academic advisor, the faculty are knowledgeable about program requirements, course prerequisites and co-requisites, articulation agreements with transfer institutions, Instructional Service Agreements with other community colleges in the state. Faculty are aware of resources available to students that will aid them in their success. Advisors are available for student conferences at regularly scheduled, posted office hours through the term and at additional times during registration.

Students can find out who their advisor is accessing advisor assignments located on the academic advising page by clicking here. In order to achieve these six goals it is paramount that students understand the roles and responsibilities that they have in regards to the advising process.

Advising Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How do I find out who my academic advisor is?
Answer: Utilize the list provided here.

Question 2: Why should I meet with my academic advisor?
Answer: Your academic advisor is your guide to college success. Your advisor is here to help you navigate everything from career options with your degree, courses that will best serve you achieve your long term goals, and assistance with ensuring you meet your graduation goals in a timely manner.

Question 3: When should I meet with my academic advisor?
Answer: Suggested and required times for meeting with your advisor are listed on the advising syllabus. The advising schedule is as follows:

  • All students are encouraged to meet with their advisors as often as they feel necessary, but are required to meet with their advisors on the schedule below.
  • First semester students are assigned to the Advising Center and must meet with an advisor there prior to registering for their classes.
  • Students who have completed 9 semester hours will be transferred to their departmental advisor and required to meet with them prior to being eligible for registration.
  • Students who are entering their last semester of a diploma program or who are 30 credits into a degree program are required to meet with their advisors.
  • Students who are entering their last semester of a degree program are required to meet with their advisors.

Question 4: Where can I find my program requirements?
Answer: Every program of study has a curriculum map that can be found on the program’s webpage. Program requirements can also be found in the college catalog found here.

Question 5: What are the requirements to graduate?
Answer: South Piedmont Community College graduation requirements can be found here.

Question 6: How do I make an appointment with my academic advisor?
Answer: Your advisor’s contact information is listed in the college directory and is found here and you can schedule an appointment with them through email or via phone.

Question 7: Can an academic advisor answer my questions about financial aid?
Answer: Academic advisors are not trained in matters of financial aid. Your best bet is to take care of all the academic advising questions, comments, and concerns you have with your advisor and then go meet with financial aid and/or the business office to discuss your financial concerns.

Question 8: How do I see my grades at the end of a semester?
Answer: By using GO! which you can access here: and clicking on View Grades under the student top 5.

Question 9: How do I learn to use GO! to search and register for classes?
Answer: GO! labs are offered every semester. Watch your student email for more information. Or you can click here to watch a video that will help you understand registration in GO!

Question 10: How do I know what classes I still need, which core classes, and which electives are best for me and my long term goals?
Answer: Meet with your advisor! Your advisor is here to help you achieve success both in and outside of the classroom. Your advisor can provide you with ideas on possible internships, work experience that will help you achieve your goals, college transfer, course selection, and many other items that will help you achieve your goals. Set up an appointment today!

There are many people on campus who are here to help you achieve your academic goals. Should you have additional questions about academic advising after meeting with your advisor you can reach out to the Director of Academic Advising, Dr. Malinda Daniel via mdaniel@spcc.edu or 704-290-5261. We all look forward to advising you as to the best way for you to academically achieve your goals here at SPCC.

For a list of current student advisors click here.