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Academic Advisor List


A/C25100 Accounting Toiya Evans
A/D/C30100 Advertising and Graphic Design Linda Ward / Cheryl Hicks
C30100A Advertising Layout   
C30100B Creative Design   
C30100C Web Design Certficate  
C30100D Multimedia Design Certificate  
A/D35100 Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrig Trent Younger
C35100B Heating Fundamentals Certificate  
C35100C Heat Pump Fundamentals Certificate  
(Advisors assigned based on the initial of the last name of the student)
A10300N Associate Degree Nursing/AGE A-D // Nicole Clyncke / Lara Preslar
E-K // Victora Efird / Marian Teachey 
    L-Q // Jen Chicosky
    R-Z // Debra Winkler
A20100 Biotechnology Levi Castle
A/D/C25120 Business Administration Fredrea Crawford-Smith / Sam Spencer
C25120B Banking and Finance  
C36230C Entrepreneurship  
A25260 Computer Information Technology Chris Johnson / Kim Bateman / Oscar Gonzalez
C25060A Computer Info Tech Certificate                           
C25260H Computer Info Tech Mobile Apps Cert  
C25260C CIT-Operating Systems Certificate  
C25260J CIT-Computer Support Certificate  
C25260F Microsoft Office Certificate Patricia Johnson
C25260G CIT-Game Development Certificate Oscar Gonzalez
C25260K CIT-Cyber Forensics Certificate Oscar Gonzalez
A/D/C55180 Criminal Justice Miriam Sallee
C55180B Forensics  
C55120 BLET Kevin Ashley
A/D55220 Early Childhood Education Sharon Little / Carilyn Raymond
C55220C EC Preschool Cert  
C55220D EC Admin Cert  
C55220E EC -CDA Credentials  
C55290 Infant/Toddler Care Cert  
A/D/C55440 School-Age Education   
C55440B School-Age Ed-Special Ed Cert  
C55220F EC Pre-K Special Ed Cert  
C55440C School-Age Ed-Specialist Cert  
A/C35220 Electrical Systems Technology George Kouvaris
C35130A Electrical Systems  
C35130B Industrial & Photovoltaic Wiring  
A10300EB EMS Paramedic Bridge Ryan Teal
A/D/C25490 Entrepreneurship Fredrea Crawford-Smith / Sam Spencer
A55240 Fire Protection Technology Raymond Griffith
A/D45380 Human Services Technology Fedder Williams
C45380 Substance Abuse Certificate  
A50240 Industrial Systems Technology George Kouvaris / Leo Manganares
C50240M Maintenance Certificate  
C50240W Welding Certificate  
C45390 Licensed Practical Nurse Refresher Joyce Long 
A40320 Mechanical Engineering Tech Leo Maganares
C4032E Mech Engineering Tech-Mechatronics Cert  
A40350 Mechatronics Engineering Technology George Kouvaris / Leo Manganares
(Advisors assigned based on the initial of the last name of the student)
A10300M Medical Assisting / AGE A-G // Edward Wolfe
    H-P // Raymond Griffith / Christophe Stevens
    Q-Z // Malinda Daniel / Dustin Robertson
(Advisors assigned based on the initial of the last name of the student)
A10300C Medical Lab Assistant - MLA/AGE A-G // Edward Wolfe
    H-P // Raymond Griffith / Christophe Stevens
    Q-Z // Malinda Daniel / Dustin Robertson
A/C25310 Medical Office Administration Sarah Jordan / Geanetta Agbona
D25310  MOA Medical Insurance Coding  
C25310H Healthcare Technology  
(Advisors assigned based on the initial of the last name of the student)
A10300MS Medical Sonography/AGE   A-E // Andrew Young / Susan Blumish
    F-K // William Dick / Ed Snyder
    L-Q // Malinda Daniel
    R-Z // Chris Brinkley / Solomon Gugsa
A/D/C25380 Paralegal Technology David Broome
(Advisors assigned based on the initial of the last name of the student)
A10300P Practical Nursing/AGE   A-D // Nicole Clyncke / Lara Preslar
    E-K // Victoria Efird / Miriam Teachey 
    L-Q // Jen Chicosky
    R-Z // Debra Winkler
A25450 Simulation & Game Dev w/CPCC Chris Johnson / Kim Bateman / Oscar Gonzalez
A25500  Comp Tech-Mobile Apps Dev w/CPCC Chris Johnson / Kim Bateman / Oscar Gonzalez
A25290 Web Technologies Linda Ward / Cheryl Hicks
A10300S Surgical Technology / AGE   James Minor   
A10300T Therapeutic Massage Alycia Parsons
*****Please note that AA, AS, and Special Credit students will be assigned all advisors listed based on the initial of the last name of the student with the exception of the specialized AA/AS degrees****
A10100 Associate in Arts A // Andrew Young
A10400 Associate in Science B // Debra Winkler / Susan Blumish
T90990 Special Credit C & E // James Minor / Shannon Parham 
    D & F // Chris Brinkley
    G,I & J // Susan Blumish / Ginger Pope
    H // Solomon Gugsa
    K-M // Lara Preslar 
    N-R // William Dick / Carl Riedl
    S-T // Edward Wolfe / Christophe Stevens       
    U-Z //  Debra Winkler / Dustin Robertson       
A10200 Associate in Fine Arts Dustin Robertson
A10200A Associate in Fine Arts-Visual Art Pathway Dustin Robertson
A10200M Associate in Fine Arts-Music Pathway Dustin Robertson
A10200D Associate in Fine Arts-Drama Pathway Dustin Robertson
A1010H Associate in Arts - History William Dick
A1010K Associate in Arts - Political William Dick
A1010W Associate in Arts-Mass Comm/Jounalism Brandy Stamper
A1010N Associate in Arts - Sociology Steve Smith
A1010L Associate in Arts - Psychology Ginger Pope
A1010Q Associate in Arts - Social Work Malinda Daniel
A1010D Associate in Arts - Criminal Justice Miriam Sallee
A1010B Associate in Arts - Business Admin Raymond Griffith
A1010R Assoc in Arts-Elementary Education Tammy Frailly
A1010F Assoc in Arts - English Education Tammy Frailly
A1010Z Assoc in Arts - Special Education Tammy Frailly
A1011A Assoc in Arts - Middle Grades Education Tammy Frailly
A1010M Assoc in Arts - Social Science Secondary Ed Tammy Frailly
A1010E Assoc in Arts - English Tammy Frailly
A1010V Assoc in Arts-Information Systems Raymond Griffith
A1010I Assoc in Arts-Nursing David Wheeler
A10400P Assoc in Science-Phamacy David Wheeler
A1040D Assoc in Science-Engineering Raymond Griffith
A1040A Assoc in Science - Biology Levi Castle
A1040B Assoc in Science - Chemistry Carl Riedl
A10100EC/ Early College (Anson / Union) Katrina McClain / Diana Gagne
***For Career and College Promise Pathways, and Career Technical Education Pathways use the initial of the student's last name to assign the correct advisor***
Career and College Promise Pathways (for qualifying high school students only)
P1012A Humanities and Social Science A - I // Eric Skeen
P1012B Business and Economics J - R // Serena Johnson
P1042A Life and Health Sciences S - Z // Tracie Boone
P1042B Engineering and Mathematics  
Career Technical Education Pathways (for qualifying high school students only)
C25100PA Accounting Certificate A - I // Eric Skeen
C30100PA Basics of Advertising & Graphic Design Cert J - R // Serena Johnson
C55180PB Basic Cyber Criminology Certificate S - Z // Tracie Boone
C25120PA Business Administration CTE Certficate  
C25260PA Computer Information Tech CTE Cert A - I // Eric Skeen
C25310PA Medical Office Admin CTE Certificate J - R // Serena Johnson
C25380PA Paralegal Technology CTE Certificate S - Z // Tracie Boone
C25490PA Entrepreneurship CTE Certificate  
C30100PA Advertising & Graphic Design Certificate  
C45380PA Human Services Technology CTE Cert  
C55180PA Criminal Justice Technology CTE Cert  
C55220PA Early Childhood Education CTE Certificate  
C35100PA Intro to HVAC-R Certificate  
C55220PB Enhanced Early Childhood Pathway Cert  
C25260PB Enhanced CIT Pathway Cert  
C35130PB Enhanced Electrical Pathway Cert  
C25120PB Enhanced Bus Admin Pathway Cert  
C25100PB Enhanced Accounting Pathway Cert  
C25260PC Basic Game Development Cert  
C25290PA Web Tech Fundamentals Cert  
C50240PA Intro to Industrial Systems Cert  
C55180PC CJC Law Enforcement Prep CTE Cert  
D55220PA Early Childhood Education CTE Diploma