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Advertising and Graphic Design

Advertising and Graphic Design

With advertising and graphic design credentials, you will be able to plan and create projects that need visual representation. Job responsibilities can include creating advertisements, promotional items and multimedia presentations as well as designing websites.

Curriculum develops design, advertising, and illustration skills needed for print and electronic projects.

Students will be trained in how to conceptualize, plan and design newspaper and magazine advertisements, posters, folders, letterheads, corporate symbols, brochures, and booklets. Graduates will be able to prepare art for printing, typography, photography, and electronic media.

Career opportunities

Design studios
Advertising agencies
Web design studios
Printing & sign companies
Department stores
Civic organizations
Engineering services
Freelance work
Company graphic depts.


The following credentials are possible with this program:

Advertising and Graphic Design – Degree (A30100)

Advertising and Graphic Design – Diploma (D30100)

Advertising and Graphic Design – Certificate (C30100)

Advertising and Graphic Design – Creative Design Certificate (C30100B)

Advertising and Graphic Design – Advertising Layout Certificate (C30100A)

Advertising and Graphic Design – Multimedia Design Certificate (C30100D)

Advertising and Graphic Design – Web Design Certificate (C30100C)

Gainful Employment Information

School of Applied Science and Technology
Associate of Applied Science Degree Program

South Piedmont has an extensive selection of Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree programs developed for occupational fields. Emphasizing career preparation, these programs of study provide in-depth career preparation and General Education courses so that students are prepared with knowledge or skills in a specialized area.

Note: The coursework for an AAS degree can be completed in two years. The AAS degree program is not designed as a college transfer program; however, because of bilateral agreements with several four-year colleges and universities, courses taken as part of AAS programs may be accepted for transfer credit.

To begin your program of study, call the Enrollment Hotline at 704-272-5391 or send an email to admissions@spcc.edu.

Enrolled students should consult their academic advisors about the transferring process.

Advertising and Graphic Design faculty


Linda Ward
Web Technologies and
Advertising and Graphic Design



Cheryl Hicks
Advertising/Graphic Arts