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Associate in Arts
College Transfer Program

Students take general education coursework in the areas of humanities, fine arts, mathematics, science, and social and behavioral science. These general education courses provide a well-rounded education and a jump start on bachelor’s degree coursework.

The Associate in Arts program offers the most flexibility in course selection for students to select courses tailored to their interests and their intended major.

Transfer for a bachelor's degree for a career in:

art history
creative writing
political science


The following credential is possible with this program:

Associate in Arts Degree
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School of Arts and Sciences
College Transfer Program

The College Transfer Program at South Piedmont parallels the freshman and sophomore years of a four-year college or university degree. To earn an Associate in Art (AA) degree, an Associate in Science (AS) degree, or an Associate in Fine Arts (AFA) degree, students take General Education courses in the areas of humanities, fine arts, mathematics, natural sciences, social and behavioral sciences, and pre-major transfer courses. The N.C. Community College System (NCCCS) has Comprehensive Articulation Agreements governing transfer of credits with the University of North Carolina (a system of 16 public universities) and the N.C. Independent Colleges and Universities (NCICU). With an AA or AS degree, students may transfer with junior status to one of the 16 UNC institutions and many of the affiliates of NCICU. AFA degree students who transfer must meet the General Education requirements of the receiving institution.

To start your path toward a four-year degree, call the Enrollment Hotline at 704-272-5391 or send an email to admissions@spcc.edu.

Enrolled students should consult their academic advisors about the transferring process.

Associate in Arts Degree contact

Carl Bishop
Dean, School of Arts and Sciences


Associate in Arts