Adult High School (AHS)

In the Adult High School diploma program, a student earns a diploma by completing the course credits needed for a North Carolina Future Ready Core Diploma. Students are given credit for courses previously completed in traditional high school.

Requirements to enter AHS

  • Attend placement testing and orientation
  • Score a minimum of 9.0 on the placement test
  • Bring an official transcript (unopened) to placement testing

The transcript will be evaluated by AHS staff to determine the number and subject of credits required for diploma completion. An individualized competency-based program of study will be designed to meet each student's requirements for completion.

The number and type of credits required by the year of 9th grade entrance date are as follows.

Future Ready Core Diploma

Student graduation Requirements

4 units English
4 units Math
(Including: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)
4 units Social Studies
(Gov/Econ, US History I & II & World St)
3 units Science (Bio, Earth & Physical)
1 unit Health & PE
6 units Electives
22 units

All students must attend class on the Old Charlotte Highway Campus in order to complete their diploma.

Classes are held 4 days per week and 2 evenings per week.

The program is free, with only a $10 diploma fee upon completion.


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