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Clubs and Organizations

Student clubs and organizations are the cornerstone of quality student life programs and events. Clubs and organizations allow students to fellowship with others of like interests and benefit from the diversity and talent within each club. There are 20 different clubs and organizations to choose from. The Student Government Association has authorized the clubs and organizations listed on the left to be an active part of student life at South Piedmont Community College. So, what are you waiting on? Check them out and get involved!

Students wishing to start a new club are encouraged to seek advice from the Director of Student Activities, Shawna Loftis and follow the guidelines listed in the Club and Organization Handbook.

Requirements for recognition as a club are as follows:
• Minimum of 5 South Piedmont Community College student members
• South Piedmont Community College faculty or staff advisor
• Copy of the club constitution or bylaws An active membership roster
• Completion of the Club and Organization Registration Form

Minimum club requirements once established:
• Submit a monthly report to Student Government with detailed descriptions of all club activities, meetings, etc.
• The organization is required to participate in a minimum of two college/community events per year. College/community events may include festivals, community service activities or other events deemed appropriate by the Director of Student Activities.

In order to properly manage the clubs and organizations, Student Activities has created the following online forms to assist students and advisors in organizing their clubs, meeting, events and activities.

Fundraiser/Event Form

Club and Student Organization Registration Form

Club and Student Organization Monthly Report