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Three females outside, smiling and waving to the camera.State-Wide Articulated Course Credit

SPCC has adopted the "North Carolina High School to Community College Articulation Agreement." The agreement established the following criteria to award college credit for high school courses:

  1. Earn a grade of "B" or higher in the high school course.
  2. A raw score of 80 or higher on the standardized VoCATS post assessment test (prior to Fall 2011) or a score of 93 or higher on the respective course post-assessment (beginning Fall 2011).
  3. Enroll at SPCC within two years of high school graduation.
  4. The course must be within a declared major at SPCC.
  5. Course prerequisites must be met before credit may be earned.

Table of high school courses that can be articulated to South Piedmont.