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The Career Assessment & Exploration Process

What the process is meant to do… What the process is not meant to do…
Provide insight into how your unique interest patterns, personality, values, skills and abilities can help you best fit into the world of work Tell you definitively what you will be good at doing
Supplement the career counseling and/or independent self-assessment / exploration process by helping you understand yourself better Guarantee or promise that any career path or occupation will be ideal, exciting or completely satisfactory
Allow you to connect directly with or plug your results directly into a variety of tools online to further explore various careers Precisely direct you to the exact career path or occupation to choose
Guide you to more information and resources that can ultimately help you make well informed career decisions Provide all the answers you need to make your decisions. For a more complete picture, you need to interact and conduct informational interviews with people either working in or who are knowledgeable about your career field(s) of interest.

Below are a number of popular assessments and exploration resources. Many times, their results pose more questions than expected. Career counseling can provide a way to make more sense of them. Remember, even if you start off with a more independent self-assessment and exploration approach, you are always welcome and encouraged to connect with the career counselor to discuss your results, options and decisions!

Assessments Used in Individual Career Counseling*

The Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment (SII)
• Assesses interests in a broad range of occupations, work and leisure activities, and educational subjects
• Helps you relate your unique interest patterns to those of satisfied workers within various occupations
• Brings more focus to occupations and activities in which you would most likely find interesting
• Includes the College Profile and Interpretive Report to further enhance career and self-exploration

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Assessment (MBTI)
• Helps you determine your unique personality type, typical behavioral patterns and personal styles
• Examines your type preferences, interaction styles and your areas of strength and potential growth
• Provides you the opportunity to explore careers best suited to their type preferences
• Includes the Career Report to help you further focus your career exploration

*Contact Career Services at 704-290-5846 / careerservices@spcc.edu to take the Strong and/or MBTI. Since they are controlled psychological instruments, the results of the Strong and MBTI assessments can only be released during a scheduled interpretation session with a qualified career counselor. A small fee will be assessed for non-curriculum students that take these assessments.

Assessments and Resources for a More Independent Career Exploration Process

Self Directed Search (SDS)
• Describes Holland’s personality types (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional)
• Determines your 3-letter code (a combination of the 3 RIASEC types) most closely matching your interests
• Helps you identify occupations, fields of study, and leisure activities consistent with your 3-letter code
• Suggests next steps for you to follow in your career exploration and decision-making process

Fee based online version with a more in depth report available at the official SDS site: http://self-directed-search.com/

College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC)
• Offers a variety of free self-assessment tools that aid in career exploration.
• Visit www.CFNC.org. First time users should select Create My CFNC Account
• Hover over Plan and choose For a Career
• Complete the various assessments to discover more about yourself and explore career paths

Websites for Occupational Information and Exploration

Bureau of Labor Statistics - Occupational Outlook Handbook
• Search occupations by Search box or A-Z Index

O*Net Online
• Enter Find Occupations to research occupations in many ways