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Our vision is offer exceptional, across-the-curriculum writing and learning support to better prepare students for their success in the global community.


The mission of South Piedmont Community College is learning, student success, and workforce and community development. The writing center will adhere to this mission by promoting learning and student success through improved written and oral communication skills, which will better prepare students for success at four-year institutions and the workforce.


At the heart of The Communication Center at South Piedmont Community College is the philosophy that students learn to become better writers and speakers through writing and dialogue. All students, faculty, and staff are invited to drop in the Center to write and discuss documents or speeches and receive peer feedback. Unlike traditional writing centers that focus on responding to drafts, our Center offers an inviting place to write and receive advice from tutors and other students. Professional tutors nurture writers and speakers in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere with the aim of helping them become more confident and capable communicators.

The conversations between tutors and students result in the students’ initiation into “normal discourse”, which is communication within a community of knowledgeable peers. Instructors in most fields reward students for the ability to speak and write in the normal discourse of the field in question (Bruffee 212). The ability to speak and write in normal discourse is an essential skill employers look for in employees.

Students should understand and embrace their unique writing and learning styles since understanding how they learn is important for intellectual development. At The Center, students reflect on their thinking and learning processes. Knowing their writing and learning styles helps them manage deadlines and schedules, all very important things for true academic and career success.

The Center’s door is open to anyone who needs help with a writing or speech project, whether it is for a biology or sociology class. Come on in and talk with us!