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Welcome to e-Counseling Services at South Piedmont Community College

Before completing our request form, please carefully read the following statements regarding the availability, limitations of services, informed consent and privacy protection.

Availability and Limitations of e-Counseling Services

  • The e-Counseling services at SPCC are designed for general academic, career and life development concerns. This site is not intended for:
    • Students experiencing a personal or emotional crisis – If you feel you are in danger of harming yourself or another person(s), do NOT complete this form or request e-Counseling services. Instead, you should immediately contact your local emergency services by dialing 911 or going to your nearest hospital emergency room. If you are currently physically on either SPCC campus during open college business hours, you can also go to the Student Services office and request to see a counselor.
    • Students seeking academic advising / assistance with course registration – these matters should be addressed with your assigned academic advisor.
  • The following technologies are available for e-counseling. You can indicate your preference on the request form.
    • Telephone - SPCC counselors use secure land lines exclusively. Students are encouraged to utilize a land line as well, as cell phones may not be secure.
    • Google Mail - To ensure secure, encrypted communication, SPCC counselors will communicate between our primary G-mail address of counselors@spcc.edu and the student's assigned G-mail address only.
    • Video Conferencing
    • Instant Messaging

  • Following weekends and holidays, counselors will respond to submitted request forms within two business days. Please see the SPCC Calendar for official holidays and the counselor hours of operation for a notice of when counselors are on campus.

Informed Consent and Privacy Protection

  • I understand that the counselor(s) will make every effort to safeguard my privacy within the technological limitations outlined above. It is my responsibility to choose the proper technology that will help safeguard my own privacy (e.g. If I only have a cell phone which can be non-secure, I will choose to work over my assigned student G-mail address which will be secure).
  • In general, all communications with an SPCC Counselor are strictly confidential. There are some important limitations students should be aware of, however. Please read SPCC’s official statement regarding Confidentiality and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • I also understand and agree that if at any time I indicate the need for crisis intervention and/or assistance with significant issues or resources beyond the expertise or intended role of the SPCC counseling department, I may be referred to an appropriate outside community service organization to better to meet my needs. I agree to cooperate with the counselor should this need arise.

Statement of Understanding

After carefully reading the above statements, I indicate that I understand the availability and limitations of services and am ready to proceed to the SPCC e-Counseling Services Request form.