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SPCC ePortfolio - Get more out of what you put in.Welcome to SPCC ePortfolio

Beginning in the academic year 2014-2015, each student enrolled in a curriculum degree or diploma program at South Piedmont Community College will create an ePortfolio as a graduation requirement.

The SPCC ePortfolio is a web-based collection of a student’s academic experiences and best college work, along with reflections that provide personal and academic contexts for the work. While students make most design and content choices for the ePortfolio, each student must include these minimum components:

  • A welcome page
  • A personal introduction
  • Short-term and long-term learning goals
  • A collection of “Showcase Artifacts” and reflections to highlight mastery of SPCC’s General Education Core Skills
  • A collection of “Showcase Artifacts” and reflections to highlight mastery of a student’s major or program outcomes (not required by all programs)
  • A page that highlights a student’s additional educational experiences
  • A resume

The ePortfolio reflects SPCC’s commitment to promote and celebrate learning as the process that changes and improves lives. For students, the ePortfolio provides both a unique learning opportunity based on reflection and self-criticism and an opportunity to showcase personal and academic achievement to faculty, family, friends, transfer institutions, scholarship committees, and potential employers.