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Institutional Review Board

What is the Institutional Review Board (IRB)?

The South Piedmont Community College IRB exists to review and support the ethical research involving human participants in order to ensure that it is conducted ethically and the rights of all participants are protected.

  • The following principles apply to all research involving human subjects at South Piedmont Community College to ensure proper safeguards are provided:
    1. All of subjects’ legal rights will be respected based on federal and state regulations
    2. Risks to subjects must be reasonable in relation to any anticipated benefits of results.
    3. Research involving human subjects must be supervised by qualified persons, including qualified clinicians for all study-related healthcare decisions.
    4. Participation of a human subject must be voluntary and the right to withdraw at any time must be provided. Information provided to subjects in order to gain consent must be adequate, appropriate, and presented in suitable language fitting to the subject population.
    5. All research programs that involve human subjects must be reviewed by IRB and must receive approval prior to their initiation.
    6. Continuing research programs are subject to periodic review, to be conducted no less than once a year.
    7. Compensation for any study should be kept to a maximum of $25. The IRB will approve or modify the amount of compensation on each application as they see necessary.
    8. Any study that lasts longer than one year must complete and submit a continuing review form before the expiration date given on the study approval form.
  • Charges of South Piedmont Community College’s IRB:
    1. To develop and revise IRB policy as needed.
    2. To distribute information to faculty and students regarding ethics and policies concerning research involving human subjects.
    3. To support faculty and student research involving human subjects.
    4. To keep records of, supervise, and track research involving human subjects.
    5. To help determine if research involving human subjects requires review by the full IRB.
    6. To recommend changes to inappropriate research designs submitted to the IRB.
    7. To suspend or terminate approval of a study, or to place restrictions on a study, when deemed to be in the best interest of the subjects in that study.
    8. To review copies of informed consent to be given to subjects where applicable.

 Please direct all communication to IRB@spcc.edu.