Basic Skills Grading

All Basic Skills students are pre-tested with a standardized assessment upon entering the program and placed into the appropriate Basic Skills level based on the lowest assessment score. Students are post-tested with a standardized assessment after a designated number of class hours, based on the program area requirements.

All students in programs funded by the North Carolina Community College System must be tested, as a minimum, twice annually with an approved Basic Skills standardized assessment. All students reported in the National Reporting System data submission must be tested. Exceptions may be made for students who are unable to understand or respond to the test due to low literacy or English proficiency or due to disability. However, the programs must provide some alternative assessment for such students.

Final Semester Grading of ABE, GED, CED, and ESOL are as follows:

Students in these areas receive a grade of NG (no grade), but the cumulative seat time (contact) hours for the semester are reported for each student.

Adult High School grades are based on a seven-point grading scale for each course:

A - 93-100
B - 85-92
C - 77-84
D - 70-76
F - Below 70
I - Incomplete (Student must repeat the course to remove grade of Incomplete)