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Emergency Services Programs

Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET)
A career as a certified law enforcement officer in North Carolina.
Employment opportunities: Municipal police departments, sheriffs’ offices, bailiff, NC State Highway Patrol, State Bureau of Investigation.
Entry Salary ranges: $22,048-$23,728

Emergency Medical Technician
Administering first aid treatment and transporting sick or injured persons to medical facility, working as a paid or volunteer member of an emergency medical team.
Employment opportunities: Ambulance services, fire and rescue agencies.
Continuing Education Program Certificate
(Basic, Intermediate and Paramedic)
Entry Salary ranges: $20,000-$40,000*

Fire Fighter Training
Employment or volunteer duties with a fire department. Basic and continuing training for fire fighters is provided in cooperation with local municipal and volunteer departments (A student must be a member of a fire department to take training.)
Employment opportunities: Municipal fire departments.
Continuing Education Program Certificate
Entry Salary ranges: $22,267-$26,130

North Carolina salary information taken from www.nccareers.org unless otherwise noted.
 * Information from NC Health Careers 2008-2010 published by N.C. Area Health Education Centers.
Salary information is designed to serve as a guide to students making career choices. Graduates may make more or less money than the figures cited, and salaries are in no way guaranteed by South Piedmont Community College.