Business Programs

Employment in accounting firms, as well as large and small corporations, preparing financial statements, balance sheets and tax returns
Employment opportunities: Accounting firms, small businesses, banks, hospitals; self-employment.
AAS or Certificate
Entry Salary ranges: $29,785-$40,794

Advertising/Graphic Design
Employment in graphic design with emphasis on print design, web design, advertising, illustration, photography and digital preparation of materials.
Employment opportunities: Graphic design studios, advertising agencies, printing companies, newspapers, web design; self-employment.
AAS or Certificate
Entry Salary ranges: $24,051-$30,487

Business Administration
Employment requiring fundamental knowledge of business functions and processes.
Employment opportunities: Government agencies, financial institutions, large/small businesses; self-employment.
AAS or Diploma or Certificate
Entry Salary ranges: $27,094-$36,478

Employment in your own business.
Employment opportunities: Self-employed business owner.
AAS, Diploma or Certificate

Paralegal Technology
Employment performing routine legal tasks and assisting with substantive legal work under the supervision of an attorney.
Employment opportunities: Private law firms, governmental agencies, banks, insurance agencies and other business organizations.
AAS, Diploma or Certificate
Entry Salary ranges: $32,139-$41,117

North Carolina salary information taken from unless otherwise noted.
Salary information is designed to serve as a guide to students making career choices. Graduates may make more or less money than the figures cited, and salaries are in no way guaranteed by South Piedmont Community College.