English (Pre-Major)

Associate in Arts - College Transfer

Students take general education and pre-major requirements for the first two years of a four-year Bachelor’s Degree in English. Courses include humanities; fine arts; social, behavioral, and natural sciences; mathematics; and English composition.

Transfer for a bachelor's degree for a career in:

English language learning
special education
substitute teaching
and more!


The following credential is possible with this program:

Associate in Arts - English - program requirements

School of Arts and Sciences
College Transfer Program

The Associate in Arts Degree (AA), Associate in Fine Arts Degree (AFA) and Associate in Science Degree (AS) programs at South Piedmont Community College parallel the freshman and sophomore years at a four-year college or university. With an AA, AFA or AS degree, SPCC graduates who are admitted to any of the 16 NC public universities or other universities with articulation agreements may transfer with junior status. In addition to the pre-major or pathway area of study, students take general education courses in humanities; fine arts; math; science; and social and behavioral science. This well-rounded education is the foundation for transferring to a university to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

To start your path toward a four-year degree, contact Scott Collier or Jeff Jost at 704.290.5772.

Associate in Arts - English