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If the above graphic is green (online), click the logo to start. A counselor will be with you shortly afterward. 

If the graphic is gray (offline), feel free to click the graphic and leave a message for the counselors. We will respond to you by email as soon as possible.

Counseling takes on many forms, depending on its purpose. Some students require only a little assistance in deciding which program to apply for or which courses to take. Other students encounter barriers to learning, such as learning disabilities or scheduling problems, and need assistance to be successful. Still other students face interpersonal, family, substance abuse, or legal problems that stand between them and successful completion of their educational programs.

Counseling provides an opportunity for individuals - with the assistance of their college counselor - to overcome barriers to their success, discover new ways of interacting with others, recover from personal tragedies or from alcohol and substance abuse, and ultimately reach their academic and life goals.

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