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Ready to Learn-PreK Parenting
Do you know the cognitive skills your preschooler needs to be successful in school? Come and learn about the foundation skills for learning and which skills will make your little one successful at school. Parents will also learn how they can reinforce and strengthen these skills at home!

• List and describe the 7 major cognitive areas: attention, working and long term memory, auditory and visual processing, executive functions and processing speed.
• Discover activities for the seven major cognitive activities.
• Learn the connection between language and cognition.
• Understand the relationship between attention and executive function; and cognitive skills and behavior.
• Learn developmental milestones and recognize any red flags.
• Understand and adopt the philosophies that encourage learning.
• Discover ways to encourage social and academic success.

Cost: $19

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Carole Lynn Simmos, 704-290-5258 or csimmons@spcc.edu