EMS Simulator

There’s no substitute for an actual ambulance when it comes to training EMS personnel. SPCC is dedicated to training our students and simulation is a big part of that. 

Our EMS Simulator will give students the tools they need to be the best in their field. Read more about it here. 





(Above) Kim Jackson and Robby Smith are pictured here with our practice mannequin Jackson. Jacob Evan Jackson (below), passed away in 2010 and wanted to be a paramedic. With his parent's permission, we named the mannequin after him.



(Above) Students are getting trained with our practice mannequin, Heyward. The mannequins were a dream of former EMS Coordinator Chris Johnson (below), who died of cancer in 2007. The mannequin in the advanced lab is in honor of Johnson, whose middle name was Heyward.




Hands on training with our EMS Simulator