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EMT-Paramedic certification

The 12-month EMT-Paramedic course continues training in Emergency Services with focus on advanced skills and the administration of medication. Topics of study will include advanced cardiac and intubation techniques, understanding EKGs, and administration and interactions of medication. 1096 hours of training includes clinical and ride-along time. Paramedic students must also complete a course in Anatomy & Physiology.

For more information, please contact Tara Moss 704-290-5212 (tmoss@spcc.edu) or Ryan Teal 704-290-5817 or rteal@spcc.edu

Union County Upcoming Classes
Paramedic 2015
Orientation: Wednesday, April 22nd at 6pm

4209 Old Charlotte Highway, Monroe, NC, Building "A", room #227

Next class: Begins on May 18th, 2015
Mondays & Wednesdays, 6-10pm & one Saturday each month 8am-5pm
Pre-requisite: EMT-Basic certification, Anatomy & Physiology (completed or taken concurrently)

Admission to the EMS Education Paramedic Program
• Completion of all required forms and records. (Registration form to be completed the night of orientation, see below)
• GED, High School Diploma and/or college transcript.
• Current NC or SC Driver’s License.
• Documented negative TB test (PPD) within the past 6 months.
• Must remain current until the end of entire course.
• Documentation of all childhood immunizations.
     a. Includes MMR
     b. Includes Hepatitis B series.
• Successful completion of the SPCC entrance tests, including the TABE reading and math exams. Students must pass the reading and math exams with a score at or above the tenth grade level.
• Have and maintain a current NC EMT-Basic certification.
Or have successfully completed an EMT-Basic course and have a credential testing date scheduled.
• The EMT-Basic credential must be obtained within 90 days of the start of the Paramedic course.
• Successful completion of an accepted Anatomy and Physiology course approved by the State of North Carolina.
• Must be enrolled in an A&P EMS 3000 class by the end of the Paramedic course.
• Applicants accepted for admission into a South Piedmont Community College health programs are required to complete the following: (Students are responsible for the cost of this requirement)
     a. Criminal background check. (5 years minimum)
     b. Drug screening. (Current)
     c. Finger print check.

Based on the results of the background checks and drug screen, hospitals or clinical affiliates where the student will participate in training may deny access to their facility, resulting in the student’s inability to complete the clinical portion of the course. Students unable to complete the clinical portion of their training will be unable to progress in the program.

The Paramedic course will be conducted according to the Paramedic National Registry Standards.
The course will consist of:

• Traditional classroom format including lecture, skills and lab sessions - 640 didactic hours
• Field internship performed at an EMS agency - 300 hours.
Must be at an EMS agency in partnership with SPCC.
• Hospital clinical Internship - 200 Hours.
Must be at a medical facility in partnership with SPCC.

SPCC Uniform Shirt*

EMS Pants (Black)
Belt (Black)
Over the ankle boots (Black)
Safety glasses
Note pad
Pen light EMS Field Guide**
Trauma shears Reflective vest for EMS***
Wrist watch
Writing instrument(s)

* We suggest each Paramedic student purchases a minimum of two uniform shirts and two EMS pants.
** ALS Interns
*** Federal Statute: 23 CFR Part 634

For more information, contact Tara at 704-290-5212 or tmoss@spcc.edu

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