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Career Cruiser achieves CRC goal ahead of schedule

(April 30, 2011) -- South Piedmont Community College’s Career Cruiser has reached its goal of awarding 100 Career Readiness Certificates (CRC) to Anson County residents, and it did it four months ahead of schedule.

“I think the significance of it is that we are building a job-ready work force in Anson County, and that the residents of Anson County are willing to better themselves and take the initiative to get the tools needed to succeed in the workplace,” said Eric Tillmon, Job Ready recruitment specialist for the Career Cruiser.

Creating that job-ready work force so that more employers might come to Anson County is the Career Cruiser’s ultimate goal. It was funded by a $556,380 grant from the Golden LEAF Foundation to do just that and, by extension, boost Anson County’s economy. “This is one piece of the puzzle,” Tillmon said.

The Career Cruiser arrived at SPCC in December 2009 and began making regular rounds across Anson County in 2010. The CRC is a nationally recognized, portable credential awarded after an individual takes an employability assessment test that measures core skills as they relate to the workplace. That WorkKeys test measures real-world skills that employers believe are critical to success in the workplace, and matches the skill levels of an individual with a specific job position or profile. The test measures skill level in applied mathematics, reading for information and locating information.

There are three levels of Career Readiness Certification. The Gold Level confirms that an individual possesses core employability skills for 90 percent of the jobs profiled by WorkKeys; Silver Level, 65 percent; and Bronze Level, 35 percent. There has been a surge of individuals becoming CRC certified in recent weeks, but Tillmon could not pinpoint a reason. Several students were certified when the Career Cruiser made a stop at Anson High School. Part of it, he said, could be that it just takes a while for people seeking their CRC to go through all the steps to get one. “Over the past month or so, we have seen a great increase,” he said.

For more information about the Career Cruiser and its services, contact Toby Carpenter at tcarpenter@spcc.edu or 704-475-5846.