Lean/Sigma Institute offerings

5S - Sort, Straighten, Sweep, Standardize, Sustain

Train staff not only on the principles of 5S, but empower them to take ownership from implementation through to maintaining their workplace organization. Three full days of activities structured around a Teach-Do format will identify areas of waste and move ahead workplace improvement.

VSM - Value Stream Mapping

Developing a Value Stream Map is just the beginning of a more involved improvement program. VSM Solution provides the content, materials and tools to create current and future maps and develop a process improvement plan. The VSM solution is action-oriented and guides the participants through a process of analyzing the company with the Value Stream Mapping Tools.

SMED - Quick Changeover

In today's business environment there is an increasing need to become more agile to accommodate the unique needs of your customers. One of the best tools to increase flexibility and agility is the use of SMED methodology - used to reduce setup times so that you will be able to accommodate shorter lead-times and higher variety of products while increasing profit margins. The action-oriented training is structured around a full five-day training schedule, and provides the materials needed to facilitate and implement SMED principles to ensure success.

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