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SPCC has state-of-the-art auto repair technology

Challenger Lift

SPCC has a 14 foot CL10 Series Challenger Lift. Not only does the lift make working on a vehicle easier, students can learn how to operate the lift which will give them additional skills for careers in the automotive industry.

The Challenger can lift 10,000 lbs., and has 3-stage front arms that can be adjusted easily to the vehicle's lifting points without having to reposition the vehicle.

Other standard features include double telescoping screw pads, Heavy-Duty pulley and cable equalization system, 48" elongated carriage, rubber door guards, adjustable arm restraint shafts, single point mechanical lock release and padded overhead shut off system.


SPCC Auto Body program lift


Stereoscopic Imaging System


Matrix Wand

At right, Rob Bailey, director of sales for Matrix Electronic Measuring of Salina, KS, displays a stereoscopic imaging system for measuring damaged automobiles during an open house for South Piedmont Community College’s auto body repair program in Polkton.

The Matrix Wand uses a camera in each end to provide three-dimensional measurements that can be used to save time and prevent unnecessary work during collision repair.

The measurements can be archived and retrieved for later use and Matrix is working to build a national database containing measurements for every make and model of car.

For information about SPCC’s auto body repair program, contact instructor Bob Winfrey at 704-272-7554 or rwinfrey@spcc.edu.