I-Car Classes Available at SPCC

ABR01 - Anti-Lock Brake And Traction Control Systems Program 1
ADH01 - Adhesive Bonding
ALI01 - Aluminum Intensive Vehicle Repairs
ALT01 - Electric And Electric Hybrid Vehicles
ALT02 - Hybrid Electric And Alternative Fuel Vehicles
CPS01 - Corrosion Protection Program 1 Version 3.2
CUS01 - Customer Relations And Collision Repair
DAM01 - Vehicle Identification, Estimation Systems, And Terminology
DAM02 - Front Impact Analysis
DAM03 - Mechanical Systems Analysis
DAM04 - Restraints, interior, Glass, Side And Rear Impact Analysis
DAM05 - Aluminum Panels And Structures Damage Analysis
DAM06 - Steering And Suspension Damage Analysis
DAM09 - Hail, Theft, Vandalism Damage Analysis
DAM10 - Exterior Panels Damage Analysis
DAM11 - Restraint Systems Damage Analysis
DAM12 - Unitized Structures and Full Frame Damage Analysis
EDS01 - Non-Structural Supplement
EDS02 - Refinishing Supplement
ELE02 - Electrical And Electronics Program 2
ELE03 - Electrical And Electronics Program 3
EXT01 - Exterior Panel Repair And Replacement - Steel And Plastic Program 1
EXT02 - Exterior Panel Repair And Replacement - Steel And Plastic Program 2
FCR01 - Fundamentals Of Collision Repair
FOM01 - Automotive Foams
GLA01 - Movable And Stationary Glass Program 1
GLA02 - Movable And Stationary Glass Program 2
HEA01 - Heating And Cooling Systems Program 1
HON01 - Collision Repair for Honda and Acura Vehicles
LSC01 - Lighting, Starting, and Charging Systems Program 1
MEA01 - Measuring Program 1
NEW10 - Vehicle Technology and Trends 2010
NEW11 - Vehicle Technical and Trends 2011
QUA01 - Inspecting Repairs for Quality Control
RCY01 - Recycled Parts for Collision Repair
REF01 - Refinishing Program 1
REF02 - Refinishing Program 2
REF03 - Color Theory, Application, Tinting, And Blending
SPS01 - Steel Unibody Front And Rear Rails, Floors, And Front Structure
SPS02 - Steel Unibody A-, B-, C-, D-Pillars, And Rocker Panels
SPS07 - Steel Unitized Structure Technologies And Repair
SPS08 - Steel Full-Frame Technologies And Repair
STE02 - Suspension Systems
STE05 - Electronically Controlled Steering And Suspension Systems
STS01 - Straightening Steel Program 1
TRM01 - Trim And Hardware Program 1
WCA01 - Aluminum GMA (MIG) Welding
WCS01 - Steel GMA (MIG) Welding
WCS04 - Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welding
WKR01 - Hazardous Materials, Personal Safety, And Refinish Safety

For more information contact Bob Winfrey at 704-272-7554  rwinfrey@spcc.edu

To register, call 704-272-5456, or sign-up in person at SPCC's Lockhart-Taylor Center, 514 North Washington Street, Wadesboro, or click here to search, register, and pay for classes online. Enter Course Code: AUT