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Listening Session Results

The results are in from a series of listening sessions conducted by South Piedmont Community College President Stan Sidor during late August 2012.

The college held these meetings in an effort to fulfill its mission of “learning, student success and workforce and community development.” In addition to meetings with the general public in Monroe and Wadesboro, there were also meetings on both campuses with faculty, staff and students.

Among the findings:

  • 266 respondents indicated that SPCC should offer more programs and courses.
  • 223 respondents referenced marketing and the need to create an SPCC identity.
  • 202 respondents rated SPCC’s quality as good or excellent.
  • 172 respondents referenced the need to solicit community participation and volunteerism.
  • 68 respondents referenced the need for SPCC to create job placement services to assist students and recent graduates.
  • 60 respondents noted that SPCC should become more technologically innovative as a means to accommodate the needs of students, staff and faculty.
  • 58 respondents indicated that SPCC should provide a better quality of courses.

Below is a spreadsheet detailing the results of the survey. Use the scroll bars and tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to view the results from the various sessions. The names on the tabs are as follows:

Codes: Overall list of codes and their meanings that are used in the results
Students Q#: Results from students for that question (ex. Q1 is question 1)
Staff Q#: Results from SPCC staff for that question (ex. Q1 is question 1)
Comm Q#: Results from members of the community for that question (ex. Q1 is question 1)
Q# Results: Count of student, staff and community responses per each code (ex. Q1 is question 1)

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