Please watch the above video. When it is finished, a quiz about the video will appear below.

1.How can you get 24-hour library assistance?

1Call the library.
2Instant messaging
4NC Knows

2.The purpose of the Student Code of Conduct (the Student Code) is not to restrict students from freedoms but ...

1to give all students the right to a safe learning environment
2to protect the rights of individuals in their academic pursuits to protect instructors and staff rights
3None of the above
4Both 1 and 2

3.Information about FERPA can be found:

1in the Student Handbook and Orientation Guide
3on the GO Portal
4in Moodle

4.What should you do about your course work if there is inclement weather?

1Don't worry about it until class resumes.
2Contact the instructor.
3Log in to Moodle and complete the coursework.
4Directions will be posted on your GO Portal.

5.What services are offered by the Academic Support Centers?

1Writing Commons
2Skills Tutoring
3Course Tutoring
4All of the above