Psychology (Pre-major)

Associate in Arts - College Transfer

Students take general education and pre-major requirements for the first two years of a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Courses include English, humanities/fine arts, mathematics, science, social/behavioral sciences, and several courses in Psychology.

Transfer for a bachelor's degree for a career as a:

career/employment counselor
child development specialist
consumer psychologist
corrections officer
criminal investigator (FBI, CIA and other)
disability case manager
disability worker
employment counselor
human resources advisor
mental health social worker
occupational analyst
police officer
probation/parole officer
psychiatrist technician
polygraph examiner
public health director
and more!


The following crediential is possible with this program:

• Associate in Arts Degree — Psychology Pre-Major
program requirements

To start your path toward a four-year degree, contact Scott Collier or Jeff Jost at 704.290.5772.