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Member List J - S

Name Title Phone Email
Jackson, Marci Director, Institutional Research and Effectiveness 704-290-5833 mjackson@spcc.edu
James, Terry Vocational Instructor 704-694-2622 t-james@spcc.edu
Jarman, Patrick Commercial Cleaning Instructor pjarman@spcc.edu
Jarrell, Emily Director, Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs 704-272-5326 ejarrell@spcc.edu
Johnson, Chris Faculty Information Systems 704-272-5426 c-johnson@spcc.edu
Johnson, Patricia Faculty - Computer Information Technology 704-272-5423 p-johnson@spcc.edu
Johnstone, Al Counselor, Small Business Center/Instructor 704-290-5218 ajohnstone@spcc.edu
Jones, Kathleen Administrative Assistant to the Associate VP for Information Technology Services and Chief Information Officer 704-290-5255 kjones@spcc.edu
Jones , Calvin English Instructor 704-993-2410 cjones@spcc.edu
Jordan, Sarah Medical Office Administration Instructor 704-290-5858 sjordan@spcc.edu
Jost, Jeff Enrollment Services Recruiter 704-290-5871 jjost@spcc.edu
Joyner-Talbot , Jennifer Executive Director, Apprenticeship, Professional Programs and Marketing 704-290-5868 jjoyner-talbot@spcc.edu
Kirby, Kamisha Faculty, English 704-290-5822 kkirby@spcc.edu
Klish, KimLan Admissions and Testing Specialist 704-290-5841 KKlish@spcc.edu
Kouvaris, George Faculty, Electrical Systems Technology 704-290-5265 gkouvaris@spcc.edu
Lander, Dr. Maria Dean of Applied Science and Technology 704-290-5267 mlander@spcc.edu
Laytham, Julie Instructor, Professional Programs 704-290-5238 jlaytham@spcc.edu
LeFoe, Grant Director, Library Services 704-290-5269 glefoe@spcc.edu
Lewis, Roslyn Marketing and Communications Specialist 704-272-5319 RLewis@spcc.edu
Lewis, Leon Director of Enterprise Information Systems 704-290-5229 llewis@spcc.edu
Lipford-Speigner, Erisha Enrollment Coordinator 704-272-5327 elspeigner@spcc.edu
Little, Maureen NCCCS Associate Vice President Econ/Workforce Dev 704-246-0968 littlem@nccommunitycolleges.edu
Little, Sharon Faculty, Early Childhood Education 704-272-5399 s-little@spcc.edu
Little, Mark Department Chair, Computer and Industrial Technologies 704-290-5245 mlittle@spcc.edu
Loftis, Shawna Director of Student Activities 704-290-5864 sloftis@spcc.edu
Long, Joyce Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs 704-290-5281 jlong@spcc.edu
Lyles, Michelle P-T Career Readiness Certification 704-290-5884 mlyles@spcc.edu
Marshall, Bryiant Mail Services Technician 704-272-5495 bmarshall@spcc.edu
McAlhaney, James Psychology Instructor 704-290-5834 jmcalhaney@spcc.edu
McAllister, Michael Director of Marketing and Public Information Officer 704-272-5441 mmcallister@spcc.edu
McCarn, Wendi Program Coordinator 704-290-5280 WMcCarn@spcc.edu
McCraw, Amber Medical Sonography Clinical Coordinator 704-290-5835 amccraw@spcc.edu
McLain, Ginger Resource Development Technician 704-993-2450 gmclain@spcc.edu
Merle, Dan Vice President, Career Development and Continuing Education 704-290-5219 dmerle@spcc.edu
Millard, Jill Associate Vice President of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness 704-290-5887 jmillard@spcc.edu
Miller, Jason Director, Corrections Education 704-272-5424 jmiller@spcc.edu
Miller, Monica Purchasing and Inventory Technician 704-272-5358 mmiller@spcc.edu
Millis, Gerald Coordinator, Skilled Trades, Facilities 704-290-5898 gmillis@spcc.edu
Minor, James Department Chair, English 704-272-5429 jminor@spcc.edu
Moore, Kathy Receptionist, LTC Campus 704-694-6505 kmoore@spcc.edu
Morris, Todd Director, Corporate Training 704-290-5827 tmorris@spcc.edu
Morrison, Robert Faculty, English 704-290-5221 rmorrison@spcc.edu
Moss, Tara Clinical Program Coordinator 704-290-5212 tmoss@spcc.edu
Munday, Michael Junior Network Administrator 704-272-5401 mmunday@spcc.edu
Nelson, Maile Medical Assisting/Medical Laboratory Instructor 704-272-5427 MNelson@spcc.edu
Nichols, Sarah Executive Assistant to the President 704-290-5251, 704-27 snichols@spcc.edu
Nordyke, Gina Basic Skills Administrative Assistant 704-290-5243 gnordyke@spcc.edu
Odom, Al Coordinator, Facility Services 704-272-5362 aodom@spcc.edu
Palomba, Janice Circulation Manager 704-290-5852 jpalomba@spcc.edu
Parsons, Alycia Program Director, Therapeutic Massage 704-290-5865 aparsons@spcc.edu
Parsons, Alla Director of the Associate of Fine Arts/Art Instructor AllaParsons@spcc.edu
Payne, Shana Basic Skills Community Programs Instructor and Coordinator 704-272-5456 SPayne@spcc.edu
Perkins, Gerald ESOL Instructor 704-290-5256 gperkins@spcc.edu
Phifer, Kristi Lead Program Coordinator 704-272-5460 kphifer@spcc.edu
Pittman, Robin Basic Skills Coordinator/Instructor 704-290-5813 rpittman@spcc.edu
Pope, Joy Admissions/Testing Specialist 704-272-5338 jpope@spcc.edu
Pope, Ginger Chair, Dept. for Communication, Languages and Social Sciences 704-272-5492 gingerpope@spcc.edu
Prasse, Leah Associate Degree Nursing/Simulation Lab Coordinator lprasse@spcc.edu
Preslar, Lara Faculty, Developmental Math 704-272-5434 l-preslar@spcc.edu
Ratliff, John Dean of Enrollment Services 704-272-5325 jratliff@spcc.edu
Ratliff, Laura Basic Skills Enrollment Coordinator 704-272-5462 lratliff@spcc.edu
Raymond, Carilyn Faculty, Early Childhood Education 704-290-5278 craymond@spcc.edu
Rhodes, Gina Development Officer 704-290-5899 grhodes@spcc.edu
Ricketts, Beth Records Technician 704-272-5329 bricketts@spcc.edu
Ricketts, Jennifer Director of Financial Services 704-272-5356 jricketts2@spcc.edu
Rivers, Scott Executive Director of Career Development and Continuing Education 704-272-5468 srivers@spcc.edu
Rizvanovic, Edina Records Technician 704-290-5843 erizvanovic@spcc.edu
Robinson, Ann Bookstore Manager 704-290-5853 manager528@neebo.com
Rolan, Lisa Director of Grants and Director of Small Business Center 704-993-2424 lrolan@spcc.edu
Ross, Cynthia Accounts Payable Technician 704-272-5360 cross@spcc.edu
Rubin, Rebecca Faculty, Associate Degree Nursing 704-290-5838 rrubin@spcc.edu
Schneider, Susan ESOL Instructor/Assessment Coordinator 704-290-5262 sschneider@spcc.edu
Scott, Michael Welding Instructor 704-290-5805 mscott@spcc.edu
Scruggs, Richard Institutional Research Analyst 704-290-5873 RScruggs@spcc.edu
Secrest, Amanda Director, Admissions and Testing 704-290-5847 asecrest@spcc.edu
Sellers, Lauren Director of Human Resources 704-272-5335 lsellers@spcc.edu
Senko, Melissa Benefits Coordinator 704-272-5334 msenko@spcc.edu
Shepard, Victoria Bree Financial Aid Technician VShepard@spcc.edu
Sherman, Sheri Enrollment Coordinator 704-290-5839 ssherman@spcc.edu
Sidor, Dr. Stan President 704-290-5252 ssidor@spcc.edu
Sikes, Gary Horticulture Instructor GSikes@spcc.edu
Sikler, David Facilities Technician II 704-290-5898 dsikler@spcc.edu
Simmons, Carole Lynn Program Coordinator/Auditor for Continuing Education 704-290-5258 csimmons@spcc.edu
Skeen, Eric Counselor 704-290-5846 eskeen@spcc.edu
Smith, Steven Faculty, Sociology ssmith@spcc.edu
Smith, Terry Masonry Instructor 704-694-2622 Ext 350 t-smith@spcc.edu
Snyder, Ed Faculty, Mathematics 704-290-5834 ESnyder@spcc.edu
Spencer, Sam Faculty Business Administration 704-272-5425 sspencer@spcc.edu
Spizzirri, Barbara Administrative Assistant to the Associate Vice President of Facilities 704-272-5361 BSpizzirri@spcc.edu
Stamper, Brandy Faculty, Communication 704-272-5430 bstamper@spcc.edu
Starnes, Lori Program Director Medical Assisting 704-290-5825 lstarnes@spcc.edu
Stegall, Kelly Basic Skills Instructor/Accelerating Opportunity Coordinator 704-290-5263 kstegall@spcc.edu
Stevens, Dr. Christophe Faculty Biology 704-290-5246 cstevens@spcc.edu
Stewart, Makena Dean, Student Development 704-290-5840 mstewart@spcc.edu
Suggs, Thomas Director of Facility Services 704-272-5381 tsuggs@spcc.edu
Swanton, Kim-Alla ABE/GED Instructor/Correctional Faculty kswanton@spcc.edu