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Member List A - I

Name Title Phone Email
Alston, Jermaine Faculty, Computer Information Technology 704-993-2470 jalston@spcc.edu
Andrews, Erica Counselor 704-290-5844 eandrews@spcc.edu
Anzola, Javier Cardiac Sonography Concentration Coordinator janzola@spcc.edu
Apodaca, Heather Student Services Receptionist OCH 704-272-5324 hapodaca@spcc.edu
Ashley, Kevin Director BLET 704-290-5820 kashley@spcc.edu
Ashley, Richard Associate Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services 704-272-5463 RAshley@spcc.edu
Austin, Chad Masonry Instructor caustin@spcc.edu
Auten, Beth Information Services Librarian 704-993-2409 aauten@spcc.edu
Barbour, James Coordinator of Purchasing and Equipment 704-272-5383 JBarbour@spcc.edu
Baucom, Dennis Director of the Center for Technology and Health Education 704-290-5222 dbaucom@spcc.edu
Benton, Ashley Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs 704-290-5855 abenton@spcc.edu
Bishop, Carl Dean, School of Arts and Sciences 704-290-5235 cbishop@spcc.edu
Black, Miriam Faculty, Criminal Justice Technology 704-290-5264 mblack@spcc.edu
Black, David Vocational Trades Instructor 704-694-2622 ext.350 dblack@spcc.edu
Blanchard, Sonya Systems Administrator, SharePoint and SQL 704-290-5273 sblanchard@spcc.edu
Bowers, Bree Accounts Receivable Technician 704-272-5355 bbowers@spcc.edu
Bradley, Alice Dean of Allied Health and Interim Dean of Nursing 704-290-5832 abradley@spcc.edu
Brakefield, Cheryl Director of Human Resources 704-272-5471 cbrakefield@spcc.edu
Brinkley, Christopher Faculty Biology 704-290-5882 cbrinkley@spcc.edu
Brock, Michelle Vice President, Finance and Administrative Services and Chief Financial Officer 704-272-5357 mbrock@spcc.edu
Broome, David Faculty, Paralegal Technology dbroome@spcc.edu
Brown, Ryan English Instructor 704-272-5446 RBrown@spcc.edu
Bruce, Berlinda Basic Skills Instructor bbruce@spcc.edu
Burckhalter, Nadine Systems Analyst II 704-272-5321 nburckhalter@spcc.edu
Burleson, Angela Assistant to the Vice President, Student Services 704-272-5301 aburleson@spcc.edu
Burnop, Colene Accounts Receivable Technician 704-290-5849 cburnop@spcc.edu
Burr, Debra Receptionist, LLP Campus 704-272-5300 dburr@spcc.edu
Byrd, Laura Executive Director, SPCC Foundation 704-290-5893 lbyrd@spcc.edu
Cafferty, Mike Coordinator, Facilities Services 704-290-5898 mcafferty@spcc.edu
Campagni, Jamie Faculty, Mechanical Engineering Technology 704-290-5890 jcampagni@spcc.edu
Carpenter, Russell Industrial Maintenance Instructor/Coordinator 704-290-5892 rcarpenter@spcc.edu
Carpenter, Toby Career Coach/Instructor 704-441-5401 tcarpenter@spcc.edu
Carpenter, Tracie Counselor 704-272-5345 traciecarpenter@spcc.edu
Carr, Theodore Plumbing Instructor TCarr@spcc.edu
Carriker, Tara Medical Assisting Instructor tcarriker@spcc.edu
Castle, Levi Faculty, Biology 704-272-5419 lcastle@spcc.edu
Castle, Lauren Human Resources Coordinator, Part-Time Employment 704-993-2478 LaurenCastle@spcc.edu
Caudle, Jerry Coordinator/Instructor Basic Skills 704-290-5814 jcaudle@spcc.edu
Caudle, Deb Program Manager, NCMEP 704-290-5272 dcaudle@spcc.edu
Chartier, Jody GED Examiner/LEIS Coordinator 704-290-5230 jchartier@spcc.edu
Clodfelter, Elaine Vice President, Student Services/Assistant Coordinator, Title IX 704-272-5302 eclodfelter@spcc.edu
Coggins, Kathleen Institutional Effectiveness Coordinator 704-993-2402 KCoggins@spcc.edu
Collier, Scott Director of Corporate and Community Development 704-272-5443 scollier@spcc.edu
Comer, Terry Cabinetry Instructor 704-694-2622 tcomer@spcc.edu
Cominotti, Marissa Faculty, Chemistry 704-290-5260 mcominotti@spcc.edu
Crawford-Smith, Fredrea Faculty Business Administration/Program Coordinator 704-290-5274 fsmith@spcc.edu
Cureton, Thomas Community Outreach Coordinator, part-time 704-272-5458 tcureton@spcc.edu
Dabbs, John Food Service Instructor 704-694-7500 jdabbs@spcc.edu
Daniel, Dr. Malinda Director of Advising/QEP 704-290-5261 MDaniel@spcc.edu
Davis, Connie Communication Instructor 704-272-5420 cdavis@spcc.edu
Davis, David Masonry Instructor 704-694-2622 ddavis@spcc.edu
Dawson, Wonderland Director of Organizational Development 704-290-5216 WDawson@spcc.edu
De Milo, Christopher ESOL Instructor cdemilo@spcc.edu
Dean, Trinisha Program Director, Alliance for Children Education Stars 704-290-5863 tdean@spcc.edu
Decker, Kateryna Instructional Systems Technologist 704-290-5804 KDecker@spcc.edu
Dela Cruz, Amy Program Director, Medical Sonography 704-290-5209 adelacruz@spcc.edu
DeVitto, John Executive Vice President 704-272-5333 jdevitto@spcc.edu
Dick, William Faculty History 704-272-5437 wdick@spcc.edu
Dombchewskyj, Dan Associate Vice President of Information Technology Services/Chief Information Officer 704-290-5828 bdombchewskyj@spcc.edu
Downer, Teresa Admin Asst to Dean of Arts and Sciences 704-272-5416 tdowner@spcc.edu
Eckersley, Timothy Masonry Instructor teckersley@spcc.edu
Edwards, Kay Faculty, Practical Nursing 704-272-5418 kedwards@spcc.edu
Efird, Victoria Faculty Developmental Reading 704-290-5236 vefird@spcc.edu
Ekis, Sarah PT HR Technician 704-272-5471 sekis@spcc.edu
Ennis, Steve Director, Facilities, Union County 704-290-5897 sennis@spcc.edu
Eubank, William Microcomputer Systems Technician 704-290-5226 weubank@spcc.edu
Eubank, Bunny Program Director, Associate Degree Nursing 704-290-5867 beubank@spcc.edu
Evans, Toiya Faculty Accounting 704-290-5233 tevans@spcc.edu
Evans, Deborah Faculty, Associate Degree Nursing 704-290-5826 devans@spcc.edu
Fennell, Jamal Senior Network Administrator 704-290-5210 jfennell@spcc.edu
Firestone, Barbara Receptionist OCH Campus 704-290-5225 bfirestone@spcc.edu
Flake, Susan Associate Vice President of Human Resources, Payroll, and Organizational Development/Title IX 704-272-5331 sflake@spcc.edu
Frailly, Tammy Director of Academic Initiatives 704-290-5829 tfrailly@spcc.edu
Freeman, Sharon Program Director, Practical Nursing 704-272-5398 sfreeman@spcc.edu
Frizzell, Mary-Ellen Director of Marketing & Communications 704-272-5367 mfrizzell@spcc.edu
Gagné, Diana Union County Early College Liaison 704-290-5824 dgagne@spcc.edu
Gatewood, Larry ESOL Instructor 704-694-2622 lgatewood@spcc.edu
Geddings, Vicki Director of Curriculum Compliance 704-290-5854 vgeddings@spcc.edu
Gibson, Robin Nursing Assistant Instructor 704-290-5214 rgibson@spcc.edu
Gilmore, Kim Program Coordinator, Career Development and Continuing Education 704-272-5461 kgilmore@spcc.edu
Givens, Natisha Director of Distance Learning 704-290-5860 ngivens@spcc.edu
Glauner, Dana Director of the Academic Support Centers, Information Services Librarian 704-272-5387 dglauner@spcc.edu
Gleghorn, Greg Director of Information Technology Services Infrastructure Support 704-993-2477 GGleghorn@spcc.edu
Gonzalez, Oscar Faculty Computer Information Technology 704-290-5232 ogonzalez@spcc.edu
Goodall, Amber ESOL Coordinator 704-290-5248 agoodall@spcc.edu
Goosch, Timothy Technician II, Facilities 704-290-5898 tgoosch@spcc.edu
Gordon, Kelly Basic Skills Instructor, Accelerating Opportunity Curriculum Development 704-993-2471 kgordon@spcc.edu
Griffin, Debra Program Coordinator/Instructor, Nursing Assistant 704-290-5217 dgriffin@spcc.edu
Griffin, Kristen Program Coordinator, Career Development & Continuing Education 704.290.5223 kgriffin@spcc.edu
Gugsa, Dr. Solomon Physics Instructor 704-290-5886 SGugsa@spcc.edu
Harrison, Larry Computer Information Technology Instructor 704-290-5228 lharrison@spcc.edu
Hendrick, Deneice Paralegal/Cooperative Education Coordinator 704-290-5234 dhendrick@spcc.edu
Hess, Kay Admin Assistant Allied Health and Nursing 704-290-5257 khess@spcc.edu
Hicks, Cheryl Faculty Advertising/Graphic Arts 704-290-5815 chicks@spcc.edu
High, Philip Director of Safety and Security 704-290-5818 PHigh@spcc.edu
Hildreth, Dawn Finance and Administrative Services Coordinator 704-272-5332 dhildreth@spcc.edu
Hinson, David P-T Instructor/Coordinator, Recertification Programs 704-272-5470 dhinson@spcc.edu
Horne, Cathy Registrar 704-272-5337 chorne@spcc.edu
Howard, Joe Carpentry Instructor 704-694-2622 jhoward@spcc.edu