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Dr. Stan Sidor, President, South Piedmont Community College.President's Corner

Monthly, the College publishes an employee newsletter, The Insider. It highlights the outreach and customer support our employees provide. We share it with our Board of Trustees, our Foundation Board of Directors and people elected to office in Anson and Union counties. I invite you to read recent issues and learn about College initiatives and special projects.

In President’s Corner, I share information that gives insight into some of the discussions at our Board of Trustees meetings. These trustee presentations provide valuable understanding of how daily issues of providing instruction, supporting the physical plant, and supporting student success intertwine as we grow our college.

Thank you for everything you do to create an exciting and participative environment to support our students and our communities.

—Stan Sidor, Ed.D.

Posted March 2014

Founded in 1920, the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) has, over four decades, become the leading proponent and the national "voice for community colleges." I’ll share with you the executive summary of a report published in 2014 on the economic impact and return on investment of education. This report provides an eye-opening view of our impact on our community and students.

To read Where Value Meets Values: The Economic Impact of Community Colleges, click here.

Posted February 2014

Comparative Analysis of North Carolina Community College County Support Funding and Recommendations for SPCC

One of the ongoing operational issues for South Piedmont Community College has been the challenge in supporting multiple county facilities and programs at the current county support level. A report released January 2014 outlines the support from Union County for annual operating support and the return on investment.