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Human Resources staff

Human Resources, Payroll, and Organizational Development

Welcome to the Human Resources, Payroll,and Organizational Development Department at South Piedmont Community College. The employees of Human Resources, Payroll, and Organizational Development will perform duties to facilitate a work environment that supports and promotes productivity, efficiency, and innovation in accomplishing tasks to achieve the SPCC mission.

The mission of Human Resources is to acquire, retain, and support excellent faculty and staff. The Human Resources Department is committed to demonstrating a caring approach to employees and their work.

The mission of Payroll is to process accurate and timely payrolls. The Payroll Department is committed to ensuring that all employees are paid correctly and on time with the correct withholdings and deductions, and to ensure the withholdings and deductions are remitted in a timely manner.

The mission of Organizational Development is to improve and sustain the professional growth of faculty and staff. The Organizational Development Department is committed to providing high quality professional development opportunities for all employees.   

In an effort to provide quality customer service, please contact our specialized staff members for your assistance:

Susan Flake

Susan Flake Assistant Vice President of Human Resources, Payroll, and Organizational Development / Title IX Coordinator
L.L. Polk Campus, Garibaldi Room 232,
sflake@spcc.edu, 704-272-5331
OCH Building A, Room 304D (Tues.), 704-290-5885

Manages all aspects of the Human Resources, Payroll and Organizational Development Department. Oversees all personnel issues in relation to employment with the college (personnel policies and procedures, hiring of faculty and staff, employee relations and investigations, supervisor/subordinate relations, salaries, benefits, probations and performance improvement plans, personnel files, state and federal reporting, harassment, disability, FMLA, workers compensation, unemployment, retirement, tuition reimbursement, etc). Responsible for the Professional Development program at the College. Administers Employee Assistance Program. Serves as Title IX Coordinator.

Lauren Sellers Lauren SellersDirector of Human Resources
L.L. Polk Campus, Garibaldi Room 232,
lsellers@spcc.edu, 704-272-5335

Primary contact for all personnel related questions. Serves as liaison between employees and the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources, Payroll, and Organizational Development. Supervises Human Resources Specialists. Coordinates new employee orientation, HR training sessions, and the Employee Assistance Program. Facilitates the completion and submission of state and federal reports. Facilitates the tuition reimbursement process for employees obtaining higher degrees. Processes FMLA requests. Processes workers compensation claims. Assists with employee relations and the investigation of personnel issues. Assists with probation and performance improvement plan processes.

Cheryl Brakefield

Cheryl Brakefield – Human Resources Coordinator
OCH, Building A 304F, cbrakefield@spcc.edu, 704-272-5471

Processes all incoming employment applications and questions concerning open positions. Corresponds with applicants regarding the completion of their files. Performs reference checks on potential full-time new hires. Schedules appointments with new hires to complete employment paperwork. Represents HR in search committee meetings and interviews.

Susie Trexler Susie Trexler – Human Resources Records Specialist
L.L. Polk Campus, Garibaldi Room 232,
jtrexler@spcc.edu, 704-272-5344

Responsible for full-time and permanent part-time employment contracts, job descriptions, performance appraisals (annual and probationary), secondary employment requests and emergency contact updates.  Creates electronic records for former employees.

Ann Teal Ann Teal – Human Resources Data Specialist
L.L. Polk Campus, Garibaldi Room 232,
ateal@spcc.edu, 704-272-5330

Responsible for Human Resources office calendar. Schedules benefit representatives and wellness clinics on campus. Sends flowers, cards, and condolence correspondence for the college. Ensures federal and state posters are in compliance with labor laws. Responsible for the data entry of all new hires, including work-study students and tutors. Verifies all non-exempt full-time timesheets. Creates electronic records for former employees.

Sarah Ekis Sarah Ekis – Human Resources Coordinator (Part-Time)
OCH Building A, Room 304F (evenings & weekends),
sekis@spcc.edu, 704-272-5471

Coordinates search authorizations, advertisements, and job descriptions for position openings. Manages Human Resources internal and external website. Assists in the review and editing of personnel policies and procedures.

Melissa Senko Melissa Senko – Full-time Payroll Coordinator
L.L. Polk Campus, Garibaldi Room 232,
msenko@spcc.edu, 704-272-5334

Primary contact for all full-time payroll and benefit related questions. Responsible for processing full-time payroll for the college. Processes all employee health benefits, retirement, and supplemental insurance. Handles all monthly, quarterly and yearly tax reporting. Processes all leave requests, including voluntary shared leave. Completes employment and wage verifications for full-time employees.

Christy Winfield Christy Winfield – Compliance Specialist/Part-time Payroll Coordinator
L.L. Polk Campus, Garibaldi Room 232,
cwinfield@spcc.edu, 704-272-5339

Primary contact for all part-time payroll related questions. Manages E-verify process for the college. Responsible for processing part-time payroll for the college.  Verifies and calculates previous state or county employment and postsecondary educator experience. Processes ESC claims paperwork. Prepares and maintains institutional effectiveness outcomes for HR/Payroll. Completes employment and wage verifications for part-time employees.

Lauren Haney Lauren Haney – Director of Organizational Development
OCH Building A, Room 304E (Mon. – Th.), 704-290-2478
L.L. Polk Campus, Garibaldi Room 232 (Fri.),
lhaney@spcc.edu, 704-290-2478

Researches and develops creative professional development opportunities for faculty and staff. Tracks employee professional development hours and provides yearly transcripts. Coordinates with college administration regarding faculty and staff credentials/certifications in relation to SACSCOC standards. Prepares and maintains institutional effectiveness outcomes for Organizational Development.