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Administrative Assistant, 4 months
The goal of this pathway is to prepare students for entry-level employment as an Administrative Assistant. Upon completion, students will be able to demonstrate computer literacy and perform the essential skills needed in the workplace.

Step 1
Computer Skills for the Workplace, Online, 24 hours/6 weeks, $65

Step 2
Administrative Assistant Fundamentals, Online, 24 hours/6 weeks, $65

Step 3
Career Readiness for the Workplace, 24 hours/2 weeks (Concurrent with Step 2)

Step 4

Career Readiness for A+, 24 hours/2 weeks

Step 5

Customer Service, 4 hours/1 day (Concurrent with Step 4)

Step 6

Notary Public, 7 hours/1 day, $65

Step 7

Resumes and Job Searching Skills, 12 hours/1 week