Comprehensive Safety Course

This two-day course covers the five most deadly risks in the area of safety - Hazard Communication, Respiratory Protection, Confined Space, Fall Protection, and Lock out/Tag out.

Lock out/Tag Out

Explore how machines and equipment must be shut off or isolated from their power sources before any maintenance work or servicing tasks take place.

Confined Space

Explore how to make employees aware of the hazards that exist in a permit-required confined space and recognize that special precautions, training, and an approved Confined Space Entry Permit or approved Routine Entry Procedures are required for entry.

Fall Protection

This important course teaches workers how to protect themselves against fall-related disabilities or fatalities. It is designed to help workers master the critical areas of choosing the most effective fall protection system for their specific job and using it correctly.

Respirator Safety

This course covers the critical areas of the OSHA final Respiratory Protection Standard (1910.134) and will help workers prevent respiratory illnesses and injuries.

Hazardous Communications

This web course includes essential materials to help you comply with this frequently cited standard (OHSA 1910.1200) and to help employees identify hazards.

30-hour Safety for General Industry

Students will participate in a series of exercises and discussions that will prepare them to make critical decisions regarding the safety and health issues facing them as member of the management team. Those who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate from OSHA indicating completion of the OSHA 30-Hour Outreach Training Course.

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