Lean Manufacturing Simulation

This exercise dramatically demonstrates the advantages of advanced production techniques over traditional production methods. By working through the simulation, participants quickly understand the dynamics necessary to maximize throughput, minimize losses, and minimize inventory.

Participants will learn how lean manufacturing can improve manufacturing and business operations. They will be able to define and apply the basic concepts of lean manufacturing and identify the eight wastes and define non-value-added work.

ZODIAK: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy

Participants run ZODIAK, a manufacturing company, for three years. Participants take actions that impact the bottom line. Each team of participants will complete income statements and balance sheets and calculate key ratios to analyze results at the end of each year.
Participants will have a better grasp of critical business issues and how they can contribute most to the company's growth and success. Participants learn how to make effective, cost-conscious decisions, with both short and long term impact.

Problem Solving

This 15-hour course teaches the learners about the use of basic problem solving techniques and tools and the difference between problem solving and decision making.

Participants will be able to define problems as well as will be able to gather and manage data and apply each step of the problem solving technique. They will be able to develop and use process maps, flow charts and cause-and-effect diagrams. Participants will be able to apply these techniques to find root causes, develop and implement solutions to eliminate the problem.

Supervisor Training Academy

This modular program was designed to meet the needs of the person making the move from peer to supervisor. The best operator doesn't always have the knowledge and skills to make a smooth transition. Topics may include: feedback to reinforce or redirect behavior, goal setting, business writing, legal issues, presentations, business finance, HR issues, and problem solving.

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