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Quality Enhancement Plan - QEP

South Piedmont Community College was first accredited in 1972 by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Its last reaffirmation was in 2013. Currently, it is implementing a Quality Enhancement Plan, or QEP, as part of the required process of that  reaccreditation.

What is a QEP? (PDF)

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QEP Year One Update

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Topic is chosen: Advising

Members of the SPCC community selected Advising as the QEP topic for 2011. A team was  appointed and created a comprehensive advising plan. During fall 2011, the team looked critically at the components of advising to determine ways to enhance the process using best practices. During the 2012-2013 academic year implementation plans were put in place and TRAC begain to take form. The QEP was completed, submitted and approved by SACS.


Get on TRAC!

TRAC stands for Teaching Responsibility, Readiness and Resourcefulness Through Advising Connections. TRAC will help student learning by enhancing academic advising at SPCC.

Responsibility - Students will learn to fulfill their advising responsibilities, such as meeting with their advisior.

Readiness - Students will learn how to design an academic plan to achieve their educational goals.

Resourcefulness - Students will learn about campus resources that are pertinent to their academic success, such as financial aid, counseling, tutoring and library services.

Check out the video below to learn about TRAC!


Staying on TRAC

 The ribbon has been cut, the Master Advisors have been trained, and the Advising Centers are open for business.  Come experience the result of this incredible cross-campus collaboration brought to you by the SPCC Quality Enhancement Plan. For more information check out the advising webpage or stop by one of our centers today! 



(From left to right: John Devitto, Executive Vice President; Dr. Tiffany Evans, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer; Dr. Stan Sidor, President; Dan Merle, Vice President of Career Development and Continuing Education; Michelle Brock, Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services and Chief Financial Officer; Elaine Clodfelter, Vice President of Student Services; Makena Stewart, Dean of Student Development)